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Why Interracial Relationships Are Pushed On White Women
Lana tells the motive behind the promotion of interracial relationships to White people. *************************************************************** Help keep us ...
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Lana responds to anti-Whites who tell White Americans to "go back to Europe," but would they be allowed in? Support our...

Here are reasons why maniac elites want to replace White people....
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  1. God Bless Lana Lokteff

    Excellent video from Lana Lokteff

    The anti-White attacks will be stopped by people born after 1965. The older generations let their guard down and allowed all this horrible anti-White animosity to get out of control.



    Jews now control ABC/Disney

    Jews now control NBC/Comcast

    Jews now control CBS/Viacom

    The Murdoch media empire pushes Neo-Conservatism. Neo-Conservatism is a Jew-controlled faction within the Republican Party.

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