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There Was Meddling In the Swedish Election
Breakdown of the suspicious details and meddling surrounding the Swedish election. *************************************************************** Sign up for a ...
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  1. Hail says: • Website

    At 8:45:

    The “New Swedes” that are imported into the country pretty much all voted for the Social Democrats. This was true in pretty much every predominant Muslim or immigrant-majority area.

    [Screen shows results for Rinkeby District: 77% Social Democrat]

    These [screen shows results of ten immigrant-majority districts, showing Social Democrat majorities] are just from some of the No-Go Areas that they — of course — have been trying to deny that they exist. [...]

    You can see that [the Social Democrats] dominate in these areas.

    What % of Swedish voters in 2018 were Non-European? Muslim?

    Since the election was so close between the Left bloc and the Center-Right bloc, the Muslim vote was what put the Left ahead. = Obvious election meddling via use of foreign ringers.

    Henrik Palmgren is right.


    What [the Social Democrats] don’t know, though, and don’t think about…is that in the long term, these New Swedes, the replacement population if current trends continue, will use our democratic process to first displace, and then replace the native Swedes. They will use the democratic system and cast votes for the Socialists and the left that will keep the borders open, letting more of them in, in a kind of unholy alliance until the Islamic minority becomes a majority.

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