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Notre Dame Cathedral Destroyed by Fire, A Dark Day for Europeans
A Dark Day for Europeans, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has been destroyed by fire and is irreparably damaged. Although the tower and main stone ...
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  1. One Tribe says:

    I am as surprised about the lack of commentary in the alternative media about this event and how extremely closely it follows a history of ceremonial destruction of seminal Christian iconic symbols, by a particular global extra-national affiliation, which is widely known, in their own prolific literature, as I am about the timing of Trump’s declaration of recognition of the Golan Heights as part of the colonial-stolen neo-nation, squatting on Palestine, and the release, effectively exonerating Trump, of the Mueller probe, within 24 hours!

    Trump recognizes Golan as part of Talmundia.
    Trump gets exonerated from the Mueller probe.
    Bibi ‘wins’ the election.
    Notre Dame burns!

    There is a long history of these events over the past 2500 years.
    Get educated, read The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, before all copies are burned and criminalized on the internet.

    • Agree: Mulegino1
    • Replies: @Art
  2. Art says:
    @One Tribe

    Bibi ‘wins’ the election.
    Notre Dame burns!

    Of course we know that the Euro elite would never ever ever report that the Jews did it. Even if Netanyahu in broad daylight, walked up the steps with a blowtorch in his hands.

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