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New Social Media Platform & EU Wants US to Intervene In Hungary - Matt Bracken - Dan FreeZoxee
Matt Bracken and Dan - the coder behind Free Zoxee - joins us to talk about the new social media platform, intended to be in the hands of conservatives and ...
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  1. turned says:

    freezoxee is another exercise in trockist/communist Hegelian dialectics, look at their logo once you become a member, and mission statement and how they bully people expressing opinions, many examples of name calling “nazis” etc….all dressed up to look like patriots, but really trying to control both spectrums of any narrative with a strong leaning towards trockism. Stay away!/unless you enjoy being called names by a retard ;)))
    This is the first time i was called a nazi in my life ;)) …hard to swallow considering that i was born in Poland. …..very very strange guy this Matt Bracken, he called me a nazi on many occasions….;))) If it weren’t so funny (on the retarded side ;))), I would have not kept the account for longer then a day ;)))) Lasted few weeks though …;)))

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