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Israel First Conservatives Try to Link Comet Ping Pong Arsonist to Israel Critic - Adam Green
Adam Green from Know More News joins Henrik to talk about the concerted effort by 'Israel First' conservatives to link Adam to a crazy unhinged arsonist who ...
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  1. AmRusDebate says: • Website

    I would take Adam Green seriously if it wasn’t for his general conspiratorial mindset.

    Just check this video

    Adam is claiming that Dugin and Russia are using Infowars to infiltrate the American right, and to destroy America from within.

    On what basis?


    The guy just makes it up.

    He’s basically another Rachel Maddow, claiming that cold weather is weaponized Russian/Chinese technology.

    Without a doubt Infowars has its Zionist moments. So what!? Is that proof of something. A link to Michael Collins Piper Judas Goats? (i.e. conflating Fox with Infowars is easy, but it’s also cheap. )

    As weary as I am myself of Alex Jones, one has to do more than quote Judas Goats to convince me.

    One has to do more than pounce upon an obvious coincidence of interests between a Dugin type and the Alt-Right, to prove subterranean matrix like Putin deep state mind-op against America.

    Really, this guy’s utterances are garbage. One can’t trust anything coming out of this surfer-weirdo’s mouth. At least few of us have time to invest into seeing the difference.

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