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In Memory of Andrew Dodson
Andrew Dodson, a White advocate, committed suicide on March 9, 2018 after constant onslaught by the left because he dared to openly declare love for his own ...
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  1. FKA Max says:

    Very sad that such a bright and talented person took his life.

    Suicide rates peak in the spring time. There are several different explanations — hormonal, etc.– for it:

    Springtime Suicide Peak Still Puzzles Scientists

    Seasonal effects on suicide rates

    Springtime lethargy

    Debunking myths about suicide and the holidays Archived link:

    Suicide rates for persons with mood disorders (which many highly creative and intelligent persons like him are affected by) peak in March when Andrew Dodson took his life:

    There are some theories that suggest the mood activation triggered by warmer weather brings about the development of more self-destructive behaviors. There are certain studies that show bipolar disorder worsens during this time of year.

    Statistical research shows the relative risk of suicide increases most during the transition between winter and spring. (Psychiatry Letter)

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