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Flashback Friday - Ep7 - Our Greatest Ally
In this live stream we cover a lot of important stories related to "our greatest ally." We begin talking about James Fields guilty verdict in Charlottesville and our ...
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  1. conatus says:

    On the pediment of the U. S. Supreme Court it says “Equal justice Under Law” Yet it hardly seems like Fields got even minimal fairness. His attorney was court appointed, the bottom of the barrel she had been reprimanded by the Virginia legal establishment on a few prior occasions. But who else is going to represent Fields? Any lawyer who took his case would be Bell Booked and Candled from the legal community for the rest of their lives.
    Equally so any witnesses who would have testified were reticent to do so for fear of being ‘Doxed’ and their name being dragged thru the hostile media and then Presto! they lose their job.

    Face it folks…It is NOT okay to be white.

    Interestingly enough I see few references to the Heaphy independent study by a former US Attorney, making the case that the City of Charlottesville grossly mismanaged the Antifa riot and thus we have this travesty of justice.

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