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Antifa Chaos in Copenhagen, Danish Police Concede - Frodi Midjord
Frodi Midjord joins Henrik to talk about the recent debacle in Copenhagen with Antifa creating havoc at the Scandza event and the Danish police backing down ...
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  1. So the YouTube channel hosting the video, Red Ice, has been terminated by Susan Wojcicki’s YouTube. I knew it was bad news for political freedom when the voracious better-than-thous of Google bought YouTube. Susan Wojcicki should be ashamed, but the shameless can’t be shamed.

  2. onebornfree says: • Website

    “YouTube Bans ‘Red Ice TV’ Channel With Over 330K Subscribers, 45M+ Views
    Red Ice had been on YouTube for over 10 years.”:

    regards, onebornfree

    here it is, bitchute…
    Please remember that the smart jootoobers made backup channels there..

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