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Gun Control Is Still Dead: Paloma Heindorff on the Future of the Homemade Firearm Movement
After Cody Wilson was arrested on a sex crime charge, Heindorff took the helm at Defense Distributed. Now she's leading a massive free speech battle over the ...
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  1. In the People’s Republic of Illinois, the Cosmopolitans are once again on the 3-D printed gun ban path again, fresh over their victory over bump stocks and trigger cranks. And the new requirement to drive up dealer costs via camera surveillance signed by Gov. Jell Belly Pritzker (D)

    House Bill 892 – “Undetectable Firearms”, 3D printed guns and guns with plastic/polymer materials.

    This bill extends bans far beyond current federal laws which already ban X-ray “undetectable” firearms and could be used to ban many currently legally owned firearms with modern materials that are not actually “undetectable.” My state legislator wrote back to me about his sponsorship of such a bill to stop 3D printed guns…which of course have never been involved in a crime. He was very proud of his efforts and by Gosh going to nip that potential crime spree in the bud.

    Check the link for the coming storm of Illinois Democrat gun controls.

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