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YouTube Shooting Over Monetization
The father of a woman who shot three people at YouTube's headquarters has revealed he warned police she "hated" the company and might be heading there.
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  1. My impression is that prior to the post-election YouTube censorship there were many young up and coming alt-right vloggers who could make some income due to monetization, and that was important to them being able to devote themselves to developing their channels. Between demonetization and being removed from recommendations, this movement has been badly hurt, which is really unfortunate imo.

  2. 7:21 This guy thinks that people should just make videos for free and let all the money go to Google/Alphabet and the stockholders. America is doomed.

    1 Peter 2:18
    Slaves, in reverent fear of God submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  3. Regarding the notion that everybody wants to be a well-paid star despite not having any special talent:

    I don’t think this started with social media; rather, this is the attitude that created social media and allowed it to grow and spread. The attitude itself really began with widespread television watching. Neil Postman (remember him?) was writing about the same thing way back in the ’70s. He was worried about the fact that whenever he asked young people what they wanted to be when it came time to choose a career, they all said that they wanted to be on television. Be on television doing what, he wondered, as no further qualification was ever given.

    Everybody just wanted fame for its own sake, as fame equates to power. Television seems to have had an unmatched ability to tap directly into that primal urge. I remember feeling it myself when I was a kid, and it permeated the culture around me. Entire families sat in rapt silence, eyes glued to the television. If a kid got up to get a drink, it was “Don’t walk in front of the TV!” If someone spoke up during a program they were ruthlessly shushed. “Don’t talk over the TV!”

    “The TV” was accorded a degree of respect that should be reserved for Eucharistic consecration and national war memorials. But the TV was all of that; it was the sum of everything you were supposed to love, honor, and respect, right there in your living room. This is what prepared the ground on which the seeds of social media were sown. We are witnessing the final, bitter fruits of the entertainment age.

  4. Hadding says: • Website

    NASIM is a man’s name. Do an Internet search for people named Nasim or Naseem and you will see that only men have this name. The feminine form is Nasima or Nasime.

    Nasim Aghdam also uses the name Nasime Sabz. That’s as if RamZPaul also sometimes called himself LindZPaula.

    WHAT WOULD THAT IMPLY? Look at the shoulders, the hands, the waist on Nasim/Nasime. Not very feminine.

    Also, NOT A MUSLIM.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Yevardian
  5. El Dato says:


    If ad-slingers want to pay Youtube for getting their ads out there, I couldn’t care less.

    I have probably got the Wix ad whith Heid Klum or whoever and the “Abs for people over 40” about 200 times. Also, Grammarly. HHAHAHA!

    Of course there is a lot of “stolen content” too, but that’s another problem still.

  6. El Dato says:

    Definitely Iranian if ve writes in Farsi.

  7. Hadding says: • Website

    And your point is what?

    You think that everybody from Iran is a Muslim?

  8. Yevardian says:

    That hasn’t been confirmed by any source except trashy clickbait websites.

    Also the shooter was Ba’hai.

    • Replies: @Hadding
    , @Hadding
  9. Hadding says: • Website

    Okay, you are ignorant. I don’t need a clickbait site to tell me that Nasim is a man’s name.

    Nasim is a man’s name just like Selim, Jamil, Khalil.

    The feminine versions of these names are created by adding a vowel at the end.

    This YouTube shooter used both, masculine and feminine forms (as Nasim Aghdam and under the pseudonym Nasime Sabz). If somebody named Paul also sometimes uses the name Paula, or if somebody named Louis also sometimes identifies as Louise, what does that imply? It should be clear enough.

    I have not seen any disputation of the fact that Nasim is a masculine name. Instead we are supposed to accept, in this age of ubiquitous trannies, that a person who looks like a tranny and has a man’s name is not a tranny.


  10. Hadding says:

    Nasim Aghdam did claim at least once online to be Jewish.

    I can tell you somebody else who is Bahai: Joseph Hirt, the fake Auschwitz survivor exposed by Andrew Reid a couple of years ago. He’s a Jew, and by choice also Bahai.

    It’s perfectly feasible to be a Jew and a Bahai at the same time, just as it was feasible for Leonard Cohen to be a Buddhist monk and a Jew at the same time.

    Now, maybe this person just claimed to be Jewish on a lark, but the person was definitely not Muslim as asserted by Ben Shapiro and others.

    By the way, I am no longer claiming that the name is a proof of maleness. In any Arabic-speaking country, Nasim would have to be a man’s name, but I found out through my own research that in Iran, it can be a woman’s name. Who knew?

    So, that’s not a proof, but it remains the case that Nasim Aghdam is a very strange looking “woman,” with broad shoulders and big hands and not a very feminine waist. And those boobs — their size seems to fluctuate wildly. What’s up with THAT? The face reminds me of Paul Stanley of KISS.

  11. tinman7 says:

    Nice video. Thank you for the information. I would though like to point out that “supremacist” has a short e vowel sound rather than a long e vowel sound. In supreme the first e is long but when the word changes to supremacist that e becomes a short e sound.

  12. The gun channel InRangeTV is going over to pornhub, amongst others.

    Karl explains it here: is welcoming all creators.

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