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Will Trump Win in 2020?
Like my videos? Want access to classic videos? Support me at - Will Trump lose in 2020 or win in a landslide? To answer that ...
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  1. I’m going to call it for Trump.

    Elizabeth Warren will not win. She will not be able to handle Trump’s attacks on her if she gets the nomination. If Biden gets the nomination, he will lose because he’s lost his marbles. There are rumors that Hilligula is hovering in the background. All of these candidates are in their 70s. These people can either become incapacitated from a serious illness or die. Warren, Hilligula, Sanders, Biden, Feinstein – once their gone, the Democrat party is gone. The Democrat Party is the party of non-whites, non-Christians, homos. White males will be purged from the Democrat Party. This is good.

    Trump is 73 but he thrives on the chaos of politics. He could get ill or die, but I’m sure he will survive another term. I see Mike Pence as a major problem. He is a Christian Zionist. I constantly hope that Trump will survive this term and the next so that Pence will be out of picture once Trump leaves the White House. Christian Zionists are causing many problems. I do support Israel, but not for the reason that Christian Zionists do.

    The biggest problem we face are the cuck GOP RINOs who refuse to do anything in the Congress. Trump has had some success on the immigration front despite cuck Republicans sabotaging him. Trump is renegotiating our trade treaties so the economy will grow. Again, cuck Republicans never wanted to deal with the trade issue. Trump punches back when he is attacked. Cucked GOP RINOs run and hide. Trump is trying get troops out of Syria and Afganistan but Christian Zionists stop him.

    The battle lines have been drawn. The GOP is the party of the West. The Democrat Party is the party of multi-culti degeneracy. We are still a majority white country so the demographics are in our favor. We have to start looking for politicians who are willing to fight for the USA and the West. Identity politics – Westerners v. non-Westerners – will have to be emphasized and at the fore.

    2016 was wild. 2020 will be wilder. 2024 will be the wildest. Bring it on.

  2. @attilathehen

    Nobody seems to be talking about the single question that’ll decide this election, and all elections going forward: Who do the Jews want?

    I see Mike Pence as a major problem. He is a Christian Zionist.

    My two cents, based on the assumption Israel controls America: (1) if it appears Trump will lose, an October Surprise will make him stop running. This will be a real or faked assassination, manufactured sudden health crisis (a la Breitbart’s “heart attack”), or unforeseen tragedy (his plane “crashes” like the one in Shanksville). At which point Christian Zionist Mike Pence will step into the Republican nomination, and win.

    Or (2) if it appears Trump will win, same as above, only occurring two or three months after the election, at which point Christian Zionist Mike Pence assumes his Constitutional role.

    Why did Trump choose Pence as his Veep in the first place? We haven’t seen an odd couple like this since Kennedy and LBJ, and we all know how that turned out.

    This has been in the planning stages for years, and Israel’s plans will finally achieve fruition. Christian Zionist Mike Pence is our next President.

  3. It doesn’t matter what the Jews want. It’s what the gentile Freemasons want that counts.

    You’ve presented some interesting possibilities. If Pence ran as president, he would lose.

    We are in strange and interesting times. Anything can happen.

    We have to get rid of cucked Western males before we do anything else.

  4. I hope Trump damn well does win. If not the US will be ruled by a lunatic Democrat.

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