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Why Did Trump Attack Syria?
Trump attacked Syria with 103 Tomahawk missiles. What did he hope to accomplish?
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  1. Brabantian says: • Website

    France has admitted that the attack was co-ordinated in advance with Russia, during 2-3 days of ‘deconfliction discussion’

    In other words, it was joint big power fireworks with a helpless brown country for target practice

    The attack on Syria allegedly has no casualties – is this a lie to save face and make everyone feel better? But given Moscow knew the targets in advance …

    Not to support the ‘anti-white’ agenda, but I find this attack really rather racist – white countries exercising their felt prerogative to drop bombs on nations where brown people live

    In total violation of the UN Charter … as the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres from Portugal, indicates in his criticism of the attack

    What was the purpose of this attack, Trump and Macron and May and Putin ‘co-ordinating’ together –

    To test out how well missiles and missile defences work, all these expensive military toys? (Russia says 71 out of 103 missiles were intercepted before hitting the target)

    Test out how much lying propaganda Western people will swallow as justification for bombing etc?

    To add to the rest of the world’s sense, that white countries are totally corrupt and malicious towards brown people? (The anti-white agenda in another way)

    Retired Indian Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar gives a helpful perspective on the Syria attack:

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