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Who Is Behind Social Media Censorship?
The social media giants are purging and censoring conservative thought. Who is behind this censorship of the American people?
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  1. Important and courageous video. Ditto for your previous one about the situation in South Africa. Nothing really to add beyond saying that this is first rate work.

    • Agree: geokat62
  2. Good video. However, until we deal with the actual problem: the cuck Caucasian RCC/Zioevangizer/gentile Freemason male, we’ll just be going around and around. I know about the Jews, but who let’s them get away with their nonsense? The 3 examples listed above. Also, I think what really has Google, Twitter et al upset is that boycotting black dominated sports is beginning to take a toll on Jews. More than 2/3 of NBA/NFL teams are owned by Jews. These 2 sports are dead. Hollywood movies no longer make money. You have a one time hit like Waukanda, but these are rare and depend on international audiences to make money. This is a perfect opportunity for a Caucasian/European movement, But who will stand in the way? RCC cucks who want blacks/Asians in the RCC. The Zioevangizers who believe they must convert the world. The gentile Freemason who believes in universal brotherhood.

    Finally, this is the perfect opportunity for the alt-right and other nationalists to start their own platforms. If you depend on Google, Youtube etc., you are a cuck.

    Styxhexenhammer 666 has had videos where he talks about using Bitchute, Minds, Gab. Facebook is declining. Again, it is the fault of the cucks.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @Stan d Mute
  3. @eah

    Alex Jones is a variant of Glenn Beck. I have zero interest in watching him. BUT, when JewTube banned him I deleted my JewTube app and will now boycott them completely. Crackpot or not, that was the straw that broke this camel’s back.

  4. @attilathehen

    Exactly. I’ve been preaching this for years. Jews + Puritans = disaster. Jews have incredible verbal talents and some incredibly bad ideas as well as some incredibly good ones. Puritans follow whatever sheep bleats loudest, a trait that’s served us phenomenally well when following a good idea but disastrous when following a bad one. So some organized Jews with a megaphone and incredibly stupid ideas get 80,000,000 puritanical evangelist idiots jacked up and here we are. Until someone else gets the megaphone and the herd of idiots turns on a dime. Likely as not, turning against Jews as a whole rather than the communist agitators and self promoters whose dumb ideas instigated the mess.

    Hardly the first time this has happened either – that’s the real tragedy.

    Long term solution is for Jews to stop the Marxist/Communist politics of envy/resentment which inevitably will destroy them since they are an exceptional people. Whites need to stop the idiotic Puritanical sheeple stupidity and think for themselves rather than doing whatever the megaphone says or it will destroy us.

    Short term, I’m afraid we are all screwed. To diversities, there isn’t a hairs breadth of difference between Jews and Puritans – we are all oppressive crackers.

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