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White Man Bad
Rep. Ilhan Omar claimed that AIPAC influences politicians. And then she claimed politicians should not have a loyalty to a foreign country. This was hurtful to ...
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2 Comments to "White Man Bad"
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  1. eah says:

    Most Americans rightly see government as a necessary evil, and are willing to pay as long as what the government does is in the common interest — is for the common good — however, for a long time now I think that has not been the case — it would be difficult to claim the actions of the federal government, which long ago was corrupted by the ‘Deep State’, benefit the average American — gone is any talk of “public service” — what we have now are career politicians, who answer more readily to the media than to their constituents — JFK said: ‘And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country’ — nice sounding rhetoric — but people have every right to ask what the government is doing with the money takes it from them via the coercive tax system.

    In many respects, the government has become more evil than necessary — the way this absurd resolution was twisted into just another way to attack Whites is just one of the more grotesque examples.

    The country was basically founded via a tax revolt: ‘No taxation without representation’ — yet few would have the courage today to simply not pay.

  2. White Man Bad should be titled White Man cuck, GOP Man cuck, Western male cuck. What is happening now is because of the above 3 types of males I described.

    I read that Mo Brooks voted against the resolution because it omitted Causcasian Americans and Christians. We need to focus on Mr. Brooks as a presidential candidate.

    I am glad about this anti-white rhetoric. This is forcing whites to deal with the problems blacks, illegal immigrants, Jews and Muslims are creating in the USA.

    As to having a country, we have one, the USA. It is up to us to vote out the neo-cons and RINOs in the GOP. We must have a state for blacks. Mississippi and some land from surrounding states will solve this problem. Something has to be and will be done on the southern border.

    The Hispanic birth rate has plummeted so this is good news. Abortions outnumber births in many areas of the black community. The public schools don’t really matter because they are closing them since blacks and non-white Hispanics drop out.

    We have to focus on candidates who are not afraid to stand-up for whites. Mo Brooks, Kris Kobach, Rick DeSantis are excellent candidates.

    In the meantime, keep boycotting anything with blacks in it, i.e., sports, movies, etc. Keep collapsing the Roman Catholic Church and Christian Zionists. They are behind the illegal immigration movements. Convert to the Orthodox church if you want to be a Christian. Focus on IQ and its relation to race. Define what the West is and what the West is not. Repatriation needs to be discussed openly.

    We have to start looking past Trump. We have to start doing this now.

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