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Twitter, Gab and Double Standards
Gab vs. Twitter. Both services had a user that committed a terrorist act during the same month. Gab acted immediately. Twitter failed to act. Gab has been ...
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  1. Anon[277] • Disclaimer says:

    The standards aren’t double. They are one for each person or group. Actually, one for each person/group relating with each person/group in each scenario.

    They, tbe ones who aren’t hypocrites, speak of pecking order. But cocks don’t make it this convoluted.

  2. Ever since the “it’s okay to be white” meme, social media has gone insane. However, this problem can be solved. The best suggestion is to make these website public utilities like the telephone company. Trump briefly spoke about this a couple of months ago, but I haven’t heard anything since. This is a great issue for the GOP to take-up, but they won’t because they are cucks. To paraphrase what Warren Harding said, ” it’s not the Dems, it’s the g-d GOP.”

    Trump also stated that he will end birthright citizenship. Crickets from the GOP cucks. Trump is finally fighting back on immigration. If the GOP wins the House next week, Trump will now bring up this issue and, hopefully, taxing remittances when the Congress gets together.

    We need to focus on purging GOP House members who refuse to help Trump.

  3. JLK says:

    Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have enormous market capitalizations but would be relatively easy to replicate. A lot of money is in play in addition to the free speech issues.

  4. Remember this….”A few hours after a gunman walked up to a young TV reporter and her cameraman and shot them dead on live TV, a message appeared on Twitter. Short and unpunctuated, it read, “I filmed the shooting see Facebook”
    The tweet came from the gunman.”

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