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Trumps Threatens to Veto Spending Bill Over the Wall
Trump threatens to veto omnibus spending bill over DACA and the border wall.
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  1. Well, he signed it. Trump abandoned what he ran on. He is now toast, as we all are. What the president is saying now about this bill and his signing of it is pure bullshit. President Trump is now officially pathetic and outrageous.

  2. We have been thrown a couple of comment “bones” by Trump; little else. Much could have been done the first year – instead while knowing “they” are out to get him he digs deeper into the quicksand. To the left/SJW this has been year one of the terror – despite the fact that very little has acutualy been done. I see plenty of work sites with illeglas working abliss to the change, I see no new wall; daca is still in play….. Still come 2020 or 2024 to the SJW they will feel fully justified in full reprisal as payback for the Trump reign of terror they “endured”. The only difference will be is that the left’s reign of terror will be real. Hate speech crimes will be just the begining in our move toward South Africa/Rhodesia/Cambodia….oblivion.

  3. Weaver1 says:


    someone replied to me on the “Hitler took guns” meme. The claim goes that Hitler took the guns of *Jews* only.

    So, do you dispute this still?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  4. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Under the Weimar government, strict gun controls were implemented. Hitler kept some of these but he did reduce the severity of them. Nazi Germany had gun control but not as severe as what its predecessors had instituted.

    A Web search will locate a paper written by William Pierce on this. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Pierce’s ideas, he was always honest when he stated something as fact, rather than opinion. He was literate in German and had copies of the relevant legislation, and wrote a book on the subject with heavy English annotation.

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