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Trump's Border Compromise
Trump proposes provided a 3 year extension to DACA and TPS in exchange for money for a fence.
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  1. The Dems refused Trump’s offer. This is good news. The Dems want the whole enchilada. They want not only the Dreamers amnestied, but the 12-30 million other illegals.

    Here is a good article from VDare about Trump being able to declare a national emergency to build the wall.

    Also, we have to see what the new AG will do. Barr will be confirmed. If he starts working on deporting illegals, arresting people like Gavin Newsom and other sanctuary city politicians, this will be good news for us.

    2040 is here. The Democratic party is now a hard-left party of non-whites, non-Christians and sexual degenerates. Their old, white leadership will die over the next couple of years. The battle lines are drawn. Ocasio-Cortez will be the new leader of the Democratic party. Many white Democrats will have no choice but to vote Republican, or not vote at all.

    It is imperative that we get rid of more GOP RINO cucks. We have to focus on winning back the House of Representatives in 2020. There are now 235 Dems and 199 GOPers in the House. Our losses were not too bad. This is because of what happened to Kavanaugh at his Supreme Court hearings. Many Republicans got scared and voted. And, many cuck GOP Reps retired because they did not like Trump and his agenda. We have the votes.

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