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Trump - Missiles Are Coming
'Get ready Russia,' the 'missiles are coming': Trump Watch more exclusive videos...
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  1. BUT why does Israel want all these leaders to fail? Surely Aasad is is better than ISIS, e.g. Great video, but please explain what’s in it for Israel.

    • Replies: @Steve-O
  2. Steve-O says:
    @Tom in Chicago

    Assad is friendly with Iran and Hezbollah, Israel’s most potent enemies.

  3. Former British Ambassador to Syria Says Chemical Attack Probably Staged:

  4. Has the swamp gotten to Trump? Destroying Syria on behalf of the Sunni jihadis (aka vetted rebels) is what the Clinton and the other globalist criminals wanted to do, but it was precisely what Trump promised NOT to do.
    That this latest so called gas attack was staged is blatantly obvious. In fact, seeing how well this tactic has worked for the jihadis, I would have expected it earlier. And of course the white helmets (google them) are right there with their photogenic crying babies. How stupid are we supposed to be?

    • Agree: Herald
  5. Spot on, as always – but 24 minutes? “All right, Stan, don’t labour the point…”

  6. Weaver1 says:

    No one seems to like how those opposing the war are icky right-wing, with their God and traditions.

    Nick Griffin needs to fly in again to keep the UK out of Syria.

    And there is good reason why the Right is “antiwar”. These wars are very against our interests for a variety of reasons, one being the sheer expense. (America is broke.) Another reason is that later, when the war proves to be a disaster and a mistake, it is inevitably portrayed as a symptom of right-wing thinking. So, it results in bad press. Dubya turned Europe Left.

    And also refugees, destroyed communities (including Christian), heritage sites, traditions. Plenty of reasons to oppose this war and war in general.

    Trump pretty much ran against attacking Assad. Hopefully he’s just virtue signalling that he’s a True Zionist. One article suggested that Russia is being told in advance, so military assets are being relocated.

    Trump has harmed his reputation though. He ran against stupid wars. And now he’s attacking Syria, which he technically lacks the authority to do. Similarly, he’s sided with torture and with Yemen, both are harmful to his reputation. In theory, torture might be necessary, but the US simply has no enemies.

    Trump has done some good, but he lacks courage and confidence. Trump hasn’t taken strong stands, presumably because he lacks certainty. Were any of us up there, we’d have Buchanan, Philip Giraldi, and dozens of others who aren’t part of the mainstream. Trump went with the established “experts” instead…

    Defending the President is good, but he either doesn’t believe in what he ran on, or he lacks the ability and confidence to implement it. Hopefully we see more achievement. Ending birthright citizenship would be huge. Separately, Trump appointing Sessions is likely to be his greatest accomplishment.

    I haven’t listened to this video yet, but I will. I just wanted to comment on the general topic. Hopefully that’s OK.

  7. Yesterday I would have agreed with you, but this latest tweet has lifted my spirits tremendously.

    My current take is that Trump has conned the (neo)cons. It’s always problem/reaction/solution with these guys, day in and day out. The current “problem” was this supposed horrific gas attack supposedly by Assad. The natural reaction for most was a la Ivanka “Oh the poor children, we must do something.” A seasoned veteran of the psychological wars like RAMZ will see through this in a millisecond, but this is .0057% of the population.

    Rather than futilely appealing to reason and evidence Trump has caught the neocons up in his own game. By first playing along and saying “Yes! we must go for it and respond vigorously to this atrocity! My military team is planning the attacks now! Look out Russia!!!” I’m sure that like you and I the great majority of Americans who love their country panicked and vividly imagined the immanent terrible global destruction that would follow from this course. This experience was much more powerful and moving than any intellectual argument.

    But then within 24 hours without the slightest regard for intellectual consistency Trump suddenly reversed course and rejected the warmongering arguments and embraced cooperation and peace with Russia. This put him right back on track with his original plan for withdrawal from Syria, allowing Russia and Assad to finally stabilize the situation there. This leaves the great majority of patriotic Americans with a sense of tremendous relief and thankfulness after such a crazy roller coaster ride. Meanwhile our enemies are left facing the midterm elections with two main planks on their platform: “We are the party of totally open borders to the all the illiterate third world masses on the planet plus World War Three!!!”

  8. Beyondmad says:

    Well we all hope that you are right but the night is young. There are a lot of people meeting that are foaming at the mouth for war. Perhaps they have something on our President hence the timing of the Mueller raid of Trumps lawyers office. Sorry. I really don’t think Trump is all that smart. I’m starting to question his stability along with IQ.

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