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The Three Magic Words
I don't care. The three magic words to say when someone demands that you address their complaint that prevents you from having a homeland. Like my videos?
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  1. Blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims will never be happy because they realize they are inferior to Western peoples. Being in the West is a stark reminder of what they do not have. Their jealousy and rage fuels these insane outbursts. But, again, they are not the problem. It is the cucked Western male who is allowing this to happen. This is why it is critical to destroy universal Western institutions founded by Western males.

    The Roman Catholic Church is enemy number one of the West. It is a universal church whose mission is saving souls around the world. I am only interested in Western souls (which are not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim) so we need to put a stop to this nonsense. Fortunately, the RCC is cracking-up. Here is an article about the problems diversity is causing in the RCC. The cognitive dissonance in the article, i.e., the oxymoronic “unified diversity,” is mind-boggling. I know the passages in the Bible he writes about but the Bible does not deal with biology, IQ and its relation to race. Biology is first, beliefs second. I am a Christian but the RCC no longer works. Pope Frannie is bringing about the rapid demise of the RCC. The Orthodox Church will be the church of the West.

    Ann Barnhardt is a fanatical Catholic convert who has made one of the most insane podcasts I’ve ever heard. It’s about 1:40 in length but it shows the degeneracy of the Roman Catholic mind. There are some sections dealing with visions and RCC doctrine, but they are short so if you don’t understand them it’s ok. However, her overall message is one of univeralism and how Catholics have to go out in the world and convert everyone to the RCC. She babbles about how we have to impose Christianity on pagans to lift them out of their degeneracy, specifically to help them develop a Catholic culture. She refuses to see that this will not work. She talks about Brazil being the country with the most Catholics in the world. She refuses to deal with the reality of what is really happening in Brazil. Brazil is 55% black and has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Many black Brazilians practice voodoo. Only the white Brazilians have any semblance of a Catholic culture.

    She criticizes Japan as an evil country but sees China as a fertile ground for conversion. Madness!!!
    Compare pagan China, the Catholic Philippines and Shinto/Buddhist Japan. Which country is the best? She babbles about the Japanese not being original thinkers and just copying the West. This is all Asians can do. However, the Japanese do make improvements and they do not steal Western technology. The Chinese are constantly caught stealing American technology. Japan does not persecute Christians and there is freedom of religion. The Japanese don’t convert to Catholicism because they see what is going on with pope Frannie and Western Europe. If they want to be Christians, the Orthodox Church would be best as they could have a Japanese Orthodox Church. China is almost done eliminating their Muslims. The Christians will be next. I have no interest in Chinese Christians.

    She babbled some insanity about Western women having empathy for second and third world women. If Chinese girls get aborted, I don’t care. If black women get raped and FGM, I don’t care. If East Indian women are burned on pyres, I don’t care. They are not Western women.

    Here is a degenerate (((Prager U))) youtube about “conservative” women. Candace Owens, Nikki Haley and Aayan Hirsi Ali are not conservative women because they are not Western women. Their opinions are worthless in the West. They are free to express them in their countries. Candace Owens will go to the black state in the USA.

    It is Western Christian universalism and the belief in universal brotherhood that are causing our problems.

    Also, it is not just religious fanatics causing problems. Libertarians like Styx666 really believe that capitalism can help people advance. He babbles that is Venezuela had a free market economy it would be a first world country. No. The average IQ in Venezuela is 84. This because 85% of the population is either Indian or black. Nothing can be done for Venezuela. We just have to keep dark-skinned Venezuelans out of the West.

    Styx666 is the flip-side of E. Michael Jones. EMJ does not accept the concept of IQ because he said it was invented by Joooooz. However, EMJ believes that the RCC can raise IQs. You can’t have it both ways.

    Separating/repatriating blacks/Muslims/Chinese/East Indians/Jews/illegals from Latin America is where we need to start.

  2. Mirror, mirror,
    on the wall,
    who’s the fairest of them all?

    The children’s fable reminds us that the volk have always been targets of aggression by jealous others, who come using deceit and treachery. Our biological existence stands in the way of their happiness. As long as they view us as being on top, they will try to take us down.

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