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  1. F.R. Burnham opined that the white man would only ever be able to remain in Africa by the edge of the sword. He was right.

  2. Tiny Duck says:

    Black South Africans represent 79% of the nation, but only own 1.2% of the farm land. This is not OK. It was stolen during colonization & apartheid.

    Do you suggest the land remain in the hands of colonisers while the majority of the population starve?

    whites have had their time and not its time to pay the piper

    We will replace you

    • Replies: @BobR
  3. BobR says: • Website
    @Tiny Duck

    When the whites arrived in South Africa, it was mostly unpopulated. Blacks arrived after white settlement to work there, and take advantage of white civilization. Get your facts straight. Now blacks are trying to take what wasn’t theirs in there in the first place…along with pushing rape, murder and mutilation. That’s why no one wants to live near you, work with you, nor hire you. Whites feed you. Whites pay for your welfare check. When whites are gone, you have Somalia. You will rape and kill each other and die of AIDS…pretty much what is happening in Somalia now. Now whites=no handouts, no civilization, no work (not that you want to work). Without us you will die.

    When blacks take the land, all the crops will die, just like in Zimbabwe. You will starve and demand handouts from white countries…the same routine, over and over.

  4. Civic nationalism can work, after a fashion, in an overwhelmingly white country. You can accomodate the odd African, Chinese, Indian, etc., and let them be citizens just like the natives. But it takes a confident, assimilationist culture coupled with nearly-overwhelming numbers. Remove those conditions and you’ll have the unfolding catastrophes in South Africa, Western Europe and North America.

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