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The Nikolas Cruz Troll
4chan trolled the ADL and the mainstream media into believing that Cuz was part of the Republic of Florida militia.
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  1. Hugh says:

    I don’t see this as being very positive.

    1) the ADL confirmed that Cruz was part of a WN group by ringing up the leader of that group. What else could they have done? Look at notarised membership records? I don’t think so. So their reporting, whilst not great, wasn’t total shit either.

    2) a school shooting isn’t an occasion for jokes and laughter. Here we have a WN leader playing it for giggles. Not a good look.

    3) what if Cruz now claims he is part of the group (even if he isn’t and never has been)? He might do this because he’s crazy or because his lawyer tells him to do so. This would muddy the waters even more as you would have both Jereb and Cruz saying he’s a member with Jereb then retracting. The press would have a field day with that.

    All in all, a totally avoidable situation that could yet become a clusterfuck.[]

  2. NotMyName says:

    It does have the potential to wake a few more casual news and politics watchers from their slumber. Chatting with an apolitical friend, he had never hear of 4chan…now he knows all about capture the flag trolling of Shia ledouche, locating the isis training camp, Hitler did nothing wrong, and other things. On balance probably more harm than good.

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