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The Media Cries Out in Pain
as it strikes you. CNN Political analyst leaves Twitter in tears after her Covington High School reporting was debunked.
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  1. PeterMX says:

    When you’re just a commoner and not a part of the aristocratic mainstream media elite (aka “Lügenpresse” or “Lying press”) you are harassed and even after apologizing the harassment continues. It doesn’t sound like she apologized for her false reporting and it doesn’t sound like she even regrets it. I think that makes her a liar for denying the falsehoods of her reporting. Maybe media people like Kirsten should be harassed by protesters at their homes and in restaurants until they stop empowering those that do that to people that support or work for Trump. I don’t think these people will be forced to face their lies until they are confronted about them and not just on Twitter. Tucker Carlson could do an excellent job of exposing her by interviewing her on his show.

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