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The GOP's Permission Slip
Republicans have demanded Ilhan Abdullahi Omar's resignation after she questioned the power of AIPAC. Omar claims that the GOP pundits have racist ...
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  1. 2040 is here and the GOP will have to deal with it.

    Again, the problems in the West boil down to the Roman Catholic Church, the Christian Zionists and the gentile Freemasons. Their universal church/brotherhood beliefs are destroying the West. Also, these 3 groups have been co-opted and the reason they will now mostly defend the Jews is because of the rebuilding of the third temple in Jerusalem. I’m going to get into some occult stuff and some biological materialism here to make some points.

    You made an interesting point that when Omar criticized AIPAC she took it as a personal criticism. Yes, she is black and Muslim – not Western. She does not and never will belong in the West. She must be repatriated. However, when it comes to the Islam problem, we can now lay the blame for it becoming worse because of what evil pope Frannie did. He was in the UAE recently and came up with a document about God willing a diversity of religions and peoples. He destroyed the most important doctrine of the RCC, that it is the only means of salvation. This evil man just gave RCC clergy in the West an out about stating that Islam is a Christian heresy. The RCC has collapsed.

    There is a Zioevangizer cuck, Derek Gilbert, who was babbling about how Muslims in the Middle East are coming to Christ and they will come to the West and re-Christianize us. Here is the youtube:
    This is sheer madness. When Europeans cannot have discussions about religion and politics among themselves, and cucks like Gilbert want to rely on blacks/Asians to teach us about Christianity, we are in big trouble. Most Middle Eastern Muslims are quadroons and octoroons with an average IQ of 83. There is nothing that they can do to save the West. They do not belong in the West even after they have converted. The Middle East Christians are almost all gone and they have average IQs of about 100. They will assimilate in the West. They are not black.

    There was another version of this idiotic idea when the RCC cable channel ETWN had some evil, Jesuit Mitch Pacwa babble about 1500 Nigerian seminarians who were going to come to the West and re-Christianize it. Fortunately, Catholic Churches are closing quickly so this plan has been stopped.

    The next idea destroying the West is the belief that the third temple will be built. The third temple will never be rebuilt because Jesus will not allow this. Even though I am a biological materialist, I am not an atheist and do believe in God. I want answers when I die. I am Christian and will defend Christianity, not churches, because Christianity is integral to the West and this is the faith people are trying to destroy. Atheists are just cucks. They don’t want to deal with things like IQ and its relation to race. They don’t want to know why the world is the way it is. They want us to be quiet and not ask questions.

    I realize that these statements sound unrelated, but they are not. I know whites in the USA realize the truth, but they can’t handle it yet. Look at the craziness in Virginia. It’s pretty quiet now. I know many Americans are not happy with people like Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar being in the Congress. We need to repatriate them. But, our Christian priests/ministers will not utter a word against Islam. They will not state that present day Jews are not related to the Jews of the Old Testament and are not the chosen.

    We are in a very weird moment in history. The earth is all there is. We will never colonize other planets so white flight to Mars or the moon will never occur because we can never make them livable. We know about IQ and its relation to race. We know that the West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. We know that the ancient Egyptians (Caucasians) were destroyed by mixing with blacks. We know that the ancient Aryan Indians were destroyed by mixing with Asians. We know that the West is the greatest civilization. I know as a former Catholic that the communion wafer cannot help most people. Look at El Salvador and Haiti, both Catholic countries. El Salvador is mostly Indian (Asian) with an average IQ of 82. Haiti is black with an average IQ of 67. The Catholic Church cannot do anything for them. Biology is first, beliefs are second.

    We know this, and all the GOP can do is defend the miscegenated, meshuggah schmegges of Israel – average IQ 93. Would this qualify as chutzpah?

    Here’s another problem we have to deal with – negrophiliacs like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. Ann Coulter was at BLEXITLA blabbing out getting blacks and Latinos in the GOP. She states blacks are the only ones who can get special benefits. She’s good on immigration, but that’s it.
    Blacks/Asians/Jews are our next problems.

    Here’s another degenerate talking about monekey woman Markle:

    Lots of stuff to digest. There is hope. Italy’s Salvini is doing a great job. Hungary’s Orban is fantastic. Putin is preserving Russia. Eastern Europe is fine. Japan is fine. We will need some allies around the world and Japan is the best non-white ally.

    Let us see if it will take the collapse of Christianity in the USA to get leaders like Salvini and Orban in the USA.

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