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The Congressional Clown Hearing
Congress held hearings about people who have political opinions that they don't like. It was a clown show. Like my videos? Support me at ...
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  1. So, Jews/Muslims/Asians/blacks held a hearing about white nationalism. Where was the GOP? Honk honk. Rep. Steve King would have been a great person to counter the nonsense coming from the non-Western individuals at the hearing. It seems he’s MIA. Honk honk.

    Celler had help in passing the 1965 Immigration Act. He was helped by Ted Kennedy, a Roman Catholic. Kennedy was the one who stated this act would not upset the racial composition of the USA. As a reminder, the RCC is a universal church who wants everyone to convert. This means blacks/Asians/Muslims/Jews. The RCC accepts all. This is a problem. Biology and beliefs are in conflict.

    Today ChurchMilitant, the trad Catholic website run by a negrophiliac, “ex-homo,” had a show about Western civilization being in spirtual crisis. Four white Catholic cuck males and an Asian woman babbled about the greatness of Western civilization but used a book by a black African cardinal named Sarah as a description of the crisis and how it offered solutions. Again, a non-Western male is defending the West, which is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. Trad Catholics are hoping the black Sarah will be the next pope. The good news is the RCC is losing members, along with the liberal and Christian Zionist churches. We need a new church for the West.

    These are perfect opportunities for Western males to step in and take action. Let’s see what happens. Honk honk.

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