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Tariq Nasheed vs. Jared Taylor (A Review)
Reviewing Tariq Nasheed's amazing debate victory over Jared Taylor.
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  1. In a post where one of the speakers is tasked with being ignorant, for the commenter to claim that the “whole world” was populated by (and I am not kidding) “Afro-Americans” is the height of ignorance.

  2. Until I realized this “review” was satire, I was ready to put my fist through my monitor.

    I haven’t heard such fantabulism as “Tarishe” puts forth, since the Scientologists told us Xenu brought aliens to Earth 75 million years ago.

  3. Luek says:

    Jared Taylor is God’s gift along with President Donald Trump. However, Mr. Taylor has to be notified that his nasal hair needs to be trimmed.

    Also, how about making the USA a “safe space” sanctuary nation for white people only since we make up no more that 8 to 10% of the earth’s population?

  4. KenH says:

    Tariq is just spewing the ultra leftist and Nation of Islam pablum that coal sub-saharan negroes represented the original man and all of humanity at one time in the distant past and that today’s whites evolved out of them. Therefore, racism is stupid and whitey should intermarry with blacky and submit to his will since he really represents…….us before we became white and evil.

    But I’m conflicted and might agree with Tariq since that means we Europeans wuz kangz, too, once upon a time but then the ice age lightened our skin and gave us alkaline noses n shit. And then our white skin and alkaline noses made us conspire and oppress anyone with darker skin especially the saintly negro who represents the archetypal man.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  5. geofromnj says:

    Clearly the narrator is being sardonic when supporting the position of Tariq Nasheed, His repeating the term “alkaline noses” when Nasheed meant to say “aquiline noses” is a tipoff.

    • Replies: @Ray Salmon
  6. @KenH

    I’m being told by those who should know that the discovery of agriculture lightened our skin, in that we got less Vitamin D from our crops than from killing game, and needed to synthesise more of it ourselves. That is why we get paler as you go North – on a continuum from swarthy Italy to pale Finland, or Spain to Scotland.

    The NHS in the UK worries about rickets (from lack of vit D), which, while rare, is most prevalent in those with dark skin (and more so those with dark skin who keep it covered for “cultural reasons”). They have evolved in hot places where you don’t need much sun or pale skin to make your vit D, and are now living where you do need it.

    Given time they would become paler or die out, but we intervene with pills so they won’t get lighter.

  7. @geofromnj

    An aquiline nose (also called a Roman nose or, derogatorily, hook nose) is a human nose with a prominent bridge, giving it the appearance of being curved or slightly bent. The word aquiline comes from the Latin word aquilinus (“eagle-like”), an allusion to the curved beak of an eagle.
    Tariq got his timeframe wrong by a factor of 10 or so, in that successive migrations into Europe about 8,000 to 4,000 years were dark skinned but not needing the colouring in their skin any more they evolved to paler skin.
    Anyway, Asians seem to be smarter than both whites and blacks. The Western-dominated world has only existed for about 200 years, partly through unscrupulousness and partly through luck. The West could flop just as the Chinese did – for a time, or forever like some other empires.
    One only needs to look at Donald Trump and Barack Obama, one shallow and rich, oafish and bewildered, claiming a huge IQ to unexpected laughs. The other, well, at least he got it even if he didn’t do much about it. Which one was the whitey?

  8. I was going to write something about eagle-eyed viewers, but others have pointed out the malapropism and spoilt the joke…

    It’s sobering to reflect that this Tariq person is some sort of respected film maker. What hope is there, when dealing with people who are so utterly lacking in higher intelligence?

    The most insightful criticism of Marx I’ve read is that he made the mistake of thinking that everyone was, at heart, bookish and thoughtful – it’s a mistake perpetuated by the old left, to their bitter disappointment – the lower classes were not grateful, and sneered at them, and the left moved on to adopt new causes: they have become an emotion looking for a receptor.

    When faced with a demographic whose comprehension is at some sort of peak with Tariq, what hope is there of using reason? “Ruthless coercion” is the heartless phrase that comes to mind. We are not all equal.

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