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Smiling Back
Covington Catholic student attacked for smiling as an Indian banged a drum in his face. Like my videos? Support me at -
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  1. This is serious. I’m sure you’re aware the Catholic school and archdiocese immediately condemned these youths and threatened them with expulsion. Other degenerates wanted these youths doxxed. These guys are not 18 yet and have a right to privacy for their personal records up to the age of 18.

    First, a big picture view. The Catholic Church has become the enemy of the West and its peoples. Evil, cuck pope Frannie is numero uno when it comes to destroying the West. The RCC is no longer a defender of the West. It has become a homosexual, multi-culti, Freemasonic grand lodge. It immediately sided with the American Indian. The RCC has no interest in white, cisgender males – the ones who built it. Fortunately, the RCC is collapsing. By next year, most RCC churches will be gone in the USA. For those who need sacraments and apostolic succession, there is the Orthodox Church.

    I did not notice many trad Catholics defending these young men. They are totally cucked. They cannot deal with the pope, the demographic changes in the RCC and are secretly hoping that the Christian Zionists are right about the rapture. There will never be a rapture. The RCC can no longer produce a Charles Martel, Queen Isabella of Spain or Don Juan of Austria. The only “trad RCC” website who defended the young men was Churchmilitant. However, these “trad” Catholics are led by a negrophiliac, ex-homo Michael Voris. Last week he had a show with Milo Yiannopoulos, the homo, Jewish, Catholic married to a black guy. Milo said on the show that he was not going to leave his sinful life. I was a cradle Catholic who when to RCC schools all my life and even though I am post-Vatican II, I had strict nuns, priests and Jesuits who taught the pre-Vatican II Catholic faith. We were taught that if a person knows the truth and refuses to live by it, we are not to associate with them. The fact that Voris had Milo on the show and has a continuing relationship with him off the show, shows the state of the RCC and particularly about Michael Voris.
    I definitely sense voyeurism . There are some straight, white males on the show, but they are total cucks. They hired the black buffoon Alan Keyes to be a commentator. When his name is mentioned, the white cucks start swooning. Like when the press would swoon over Obummer. Yet, ChurchMilitant claims to teach the authentic Catholic faith.

    There is only one solution – repatriation/separation. The RCC and the Christian Zionists in the USA must be stopped. The MSM is still beating the drums about Russian collusion. The nonsense that Trump is a Russian operative is very dangerous. The Deep State wants to attack Russia. Mike Pence is a Zioevangizer and a very dangerous man. There is talk of attacking Iran. This is the last step before an attack on Russia. American Catholics are so cucked they will go along with the Christian Zionists.

    Here are 2 articles that deal with the cucks regarding Covington and the real Christianity in Russia:

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