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Should Trump Have a Psychiatric Evaluation?
Democrats want to remove Trump via the 25th Amendment and a psychiatric evaluation. What would such an evaluation look like?
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  1. AnonFromTN [AKA "Anon"] says:

    Anon from TN
    That would be dangerous for the “American democracy”. Next people would demand that everyone with IQ below 80 is kicked out of Congress. Next they’d demand that everyone in Congress who has clear conflict of interest should not vote on appropriations or tax bills. That would hardly leave a handful who can vote.

  2. Psychiatry is a sham.
    It is ” fake medicine”.
    Read Szasz.
    This is politics masquerading as medicine as this video shows.

    • Replies: @Sowhat
  3. This is considered unethical by the so called psychiatric profession.
    This isn’t going to work, by the way.

  4. the raven says:

    It does give you an insight what the left has planned if they attain power, however.

  5. Sowhat says:

    Agreed-one hundred percent. I call it pseudoscience. For decades, their desk manual called homosexuality a maladjustment or neurosis. Now, all of the sudden they’re well. LOL
    DEMOCRATS want this whole society to crumble to dust. They hate someone who rubbed their faces in mud so much that they will continue this nonsense until hell freezes over. I say this because that is how long Conservatives will from now, on, remain in power.
    These DEMOCRATS should get on a train and migrate to Canada where they can get help for their mental illnesses and leave America to those who care about sustaining America.

  6. Real life psychiatric examinations are nothing like this and they are a pretty blunt tool. People are asked to spell ‘world’ backwards, to subtract 7 from 100, then 7 from the result, and so on down to zero. Or “can you name the last three presidents of the United States”..

    The other thing is that psychiatric examinations are targeted, depending on why the person is being examined. If, for example, the person is known to have killed several prostitutes with a hammer, the psychiatrist would probably want to follow certain lines of questioning to clarify the motive.

    If the person has had several recent automobile accidents, the psychiatrist will be trying to determine whether the person is a heavy drinker, or whether they have an eyesight problem, or some cognitive defect. A finding that the person bears a grudge against General Motors, would be exciting, but pretty unusual except on Murder She Wrote.

    Determining that someone is malfunctioning in every day life is relatively simple, for example a normally mild mannered person and responsible person who tells their boss to fuck off has either won the Powerball or there is something wrong with them.

    Dealing with political situations is outside the remit of psychiatry.

    Now, Mr. Bush, tell us why you though they envied us for our freedoms, so they all killed themselves. Describe how you reached this conclusion.

    Mr. Trump, a famous man once said, if you tell a big enough lie and you tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. Do you agree with this, and do you know who said it originally?

  7. Just like the American left to medicalize dissent, just like their friends in the former Soviet Union. Also this video does accurately point out the ludicrous Orwellian nature of the left’s view of normalcy. Perfectly banal and reasonable positions such as having a border are viewed as madness, while crazy practices such as mutilating your genitalia because of intangible feelings in your own mind are regarded as perfectly normal.

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