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Should Mothers in Prison be Set Free?
Ivanka tweeted her support for the FirstStepAct which would help criminals who are mothers get out of prison. Like my videos? Support me at ...
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  1. TG says:

    Let’s clarify the situation.

    If an illegal immigrant has a minor child, we can’t enforce our immigration laws against them because that would mean separating them from their child and that would be racist and fascist and Literally Hitler and That’s Not Who We Are. And because the rich want cheap labor.

    However, for all other crimes, we definitely can and do separate parents from their children because the law is the law. There are currently about two million Americans in prison, and you can bet there must be at least tens of thousands of children that have been separated from their parents, some for years…

    Bottom line: when the rich don’t want a law enforced, such as the law against illegal immigration, because they so love their cheap labor, then we can’t enforce it. But when the rich do want a law enforced, such as the laws against trespassing on the sacred walled mansions or private estates of the rich, then we enforce the laws with as much brutality as needed, up to and including lethal force if necessary.

  2. trelane says:

    Should Mothers in Prison be Set Free?

    Based on the appearance of the one in the video frame I’d have to say “yes”

  3. FKA Max says: • Website

    Regarding sterilization of prison inmates, which, by the way, is a great idea, particularly for repeat offenders:

    Children of criminal parents have a greater chance of becoming criminals themselves: study

    This transfer was the strongest from mothers to daughters, followed by mothers to sons, fathers to daughters and then fathers to sons.
    The most effective way to reduce crime would be to sterilize repeat offenders.

    “Roe v. Wade” Must Include Abortion Access for Women In Prison

    This judge is a very wise man:

    Judge to inmates: Get sterilized and I’ll shave off jail time

    Under a standing order issued by General Sessions Judge Sam Benningfield, inmates in White County, Tenn., can receive 30 days’ credit toward their jail time if they volunteer for vasectomies or contraceptive implants, as NewsChannel 5 reported Thursday.

  4. So what’s the criteria for determining who’s a “mother”? Do they have to be your biological children? In the current zeitgeist, I’ll wager you don’t even have to be female to claim “motherhood”, so it’ll be everybody outta the water.

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