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Should Fat Dudes be Victoria's Secret Models?
MIC news says Yes! Like my videos? Support me at ...
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  1. George says:

    According to Ms Internet 18 stone is 252 lbs. But I think 18 is size 18(uk) which is 16 (us) sometimes called ‘plus’ size.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  2. Baxter says:

    Spot on again. This guy is hitting home runs lately.
    Common sense, I take it, isn’t so common.
    On a side note… I don’t believe the female brain to be even remotely similar to the male brain.
    We are so different.
    But then, I am a poor man, what do I know.

  3. Alfa158 says:

    She looks too big for a size 16, but clothing makers have been deflating the numbers used for the same former sizes. They are trying to win sales by making women think they fit in a smaller size if they buy their brand. The idea is they try on Brand X and have to get a 16. Then they try your brand and fit into a 14, so they buy yours instead because it makes them feel good about themselves. My wife used to buy size 4 jeans but now sometimes has to buy a 2 with a 33 inch inseam. You would think someone would have to look like a concentration camp survivor to fit into pants that long in such a tiny size, but she is merely slender.

  4. Truth says:

    They said out transgender, totally on purpose. Every Victoria’s Secret model is a eunuch. Every one.

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