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On Being a Revolutionary
Can people who advocate for traditional Western values still do so in the current environment? Are we conservatives? Or are we revolutionaries that need to ...
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  1. anon[170] • Disclaimer says:

    why is it the “revolutionaries” tend to have hooked noses and why do they do they revolutionizing in your country instead of their own?

  2. RamZ, you’ve cucked. We are not revolutionaries, we are in a reconquista. We have not lost the USA.

    You’re spouting Jared Taylor talking points. I’m glad he was banned in Europe. He and his sidecuck Paul Kersey have to get to work on an American nationalist party. Jared Taylor is not old and Kersey is in his late 30s. They have a weekly podcast which I call “two cucks sitting around whining.” On last week’s podcast, Kersey was babbling about how blacks are moving back to the south. That’s exactly what we need so we can give them their own state. I’ve seen some of those Antifa “warriors.” If they’re not 98 pound weaklings, they are fatties. Charlottesville and Berkley took place in blue states. Charlottesville involved the insane neo-Nazis like Anglin, Duke and others. Anglin and Duke are controlled by Mike Enoch (Cohen). Things like this would not happen in red states.

    Events are beginning to favor us. In Western Europe we have Salvini. The Roman Catholic Church and the Christian Zionist churches are collapsing. These two churches are causing the problems in Western Europe. The NBA and NFL are gone. Trump is starting to get tough on the border because he is being pressured. Once we seal the border, the illegals go back. Then the legal aliens go back. All of this is achievable.

    White nationalism will not work. I am a Western nationalist. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. This is where the arguments should start. Ben Shapiro will have to go to Israel. Here is a youtube of an Catholic cuck male who can’t believe what is happening in Catholic church. At the 18 minute mark, he starts babbling about how there is no racism in the RCC. He mentions blacks and Chinese. You could count these people on one hand for the first 2000 years of the RCC. Black/Asian priests-popes are haram. We are in different times. IQ and its relation to race, defining what the West is and is not are the new measures.

    And, you are wrong about going underground. It is not just you or I who are in these battles. Your son and daughter are also involved. Taylor’s offspring are involved. This is a multi-generational battle.

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