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Michelle Obama's Official Portrait
Why did artist Amy Sherald created such a crude painting of the former First Lady?
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  1. I quite like it. It’s recognisably her, if a bit idealised which is OK for an official portrait. It is a bit ‘talented-high-schooler’, and I’d have preferred something more formal like Annigoni’s QE2 painting, but it’s OK.

    I’m more bothered about Obama’s. He should have gone for the formal look of other Presidents, not a poorly executed cartoon, be a president like any other who just happens to be black. But that’s not what an f-ur-tradition President does, that’s what the American reconciler fantasy of 2008 would do.

    • Replies: @JimB
  2. Z-man says:

    She made her look whiter in a grey sort of way, lol.

  3. Gunther says: • Website

    Michelle Obama’s portrait makes her look like folk art. Just that so-called black experience shared by many whites, asians, mexicans, red indians, etc., etc., and like much folk art portraits were not refined enough to capture nuance and aren’t especially sophisticated, delicate, evoking, revealing any clue as to personality such as in the very exquisite portrait of olde as a comparison.

    Fact is jail bars should be painted right at the forefront for “her” and Obama for serious crimes of treason to use the FBI to spy on Trump as if he was a foreign agent vias FISA warrant because of Hillary Clinton deals with Russia and to hide it paid a British agent to conjure up a fraud dossier to somehow get a duly elected sitting president REMOVED by whatever means. At this point Trump should be removed for being an asshole and allowing all the FBI fraud and crime and Clintons and Podesta go unprosecuted for crimes against children, Haiti, using Sec. State position for favors to the fraud charity … on and on and on and on. Makes one want to join Anon anon anon….

  4. JimB says:

    The ‘talented-high-schooler’ who painted Michelle Obama is 44 years old. (Michelangelo was 35 when he painted the Sistine Chapel.) The director of the National Portrait Gallery should simply refuse to hang these daubings. Give the Obama’s a list of respected portraitists and offer to pay the commission.

    • Replies: @larry lurker
  5. J1234 says:

    I agree with the folk art theory put forth by Gunther. In fact, it looks to me like she’s trying to come across as folksinger Joan Baez in the painting, with the peasant quilt type dress. If your high school kid painted it you’d say, “Good job!” but that’s only because they’re your kid.

    A portrait like this is meant to be seen from fair distance, and at a distance, it looks very flat. I’m sort of neutral on her portrait, though… it’s not shocking, it isn’t meant to offend. So it’s poor quality means little to me.

    Barrack’s portrait, on the other hand, shows his willingness to re-integrate back into a Rev. Wright level of leftist radicalism. His presidency was a masquerade.

  6. @JimB

    Yeah, that would go over well.

  7. For art and architecture – these are the Dark Ages. They have to be endured until it ends and something real comes along or back. At present no sight of such and not likely. 800 years seems to be a good rough guide for dark ages. Mycennaean to ancient Greece. Fall of Rome to 1300. So around 2845 we’ll some nice stuff again?

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