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Michael Cohen Sentenced to Prison
A federal judge on Thursday sentenced longtime Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to three years in jail for a series of crimes to which he pleaded guilty.
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  1. Good research. I did not know we had a kosher prison in the USA. Interesting how Jews can have their own prison, yet non-Jewish prisoners of different races are forced to be together. There have been deadly riots in prisons because of this.

    Let’s see what the Western male cuck does about this. Once again, I do not blame Jews. I blame the Caucasian RCC male who accepts black/Asian priests-popes, the Christian Zionist male who believes Jews are the chosen, and the gentile Freemason male who believes in universal brotherhood. In order to save the West, we have to deal with these evil cucks first. Here is the latest from cuck pope Frannie.

    I’m glad the Jews have their ethnostate. We need to deport the Jews in the West to Israel. We need to give blacks their own state. These things are possible only after we deal with the cucks.

  2. Liza says:

    Are you serious – you really didn’t know what bocce ball is? For shame. It’s popular with Italians, mostly, in every American city with more than half a dozen of them. And everyone else, ie non-Italian, knows about the game even if they don’t play it themselves.

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