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Julian von Abele - Anatomy of a Smear
University student Julian Von Abele was smeared internationally for saying that he loves White people and that Whites built modern civilization.
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  1. Leftist America is becoming much more insane. It was already pretty crazy. I don’t have a clear idea of how this will play out, but it’s going to get ugly.

    Meanwhile, here’s the latest on this “racist” Julian von Abele:

    Columbia Student Taped Advocating Racist Beliefs Banned From Barnard Campus

  2. Mr. von Abele was stating a fact, the truth. Blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims cannot deal with this. The West and its people (Caucasians/Europeans) are the ones who created the greatest civilization ever. And, it’s not just the modern world, we have to go back to ancient Greece, Rome. I even include the ancient Egyptians (Caucasians) who built the first great civilization. The ancient Aryan Indians created a complex philosophical belief system. Anywhere there are Caucasians/Europeans/Aryans, light-skinned people, there is civilization and creativity. China has existed for over 5000 years. It has contributed practically nothing to the world.

    Repatriation and separation are needed. I don’t see Mr. von Abele’s situation as a left-right issue. The problem is the Western cuck male who will not support Mr. von Abele. The evil, oxymoronic beliefs – universal brotherhood and universal church – are destroying the West. We must deal with these 2 insane beliefs in order to save the West.

  3. Don’t ever forget the White race-traitors who brought all this anti-Whitism about.

    Tons of them descended from Puritans.

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