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Jordan Peterson and Identity Politics
A question for Jordan Peterson concerning Identity Politics.
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  1. Great video. Peterson is an interesting guy, but like Pinker, he seems to follow logical paths right up to where it will get him into too much trouble and stops.

    Hard to blame him. Having your career destroyed, getting banned from anything and everything, losing a ton of money and getting ostrocized by your entire community (he is an academic after all) is more than enough to shut down 99%+ of the population.

    That said, Peterson may actually believe in his individualism uber alles philosophy. Of course, if he does, he should criticize Jews, blacks, Muslims and Asians for having countless organizations that lobby for their group interests. He should point out that whites are the only group following his non-identity advice.

  2. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    I would encourage you to reread your US and global history textbooks again.

  3. I agree with the above video but you can only make so many enemies. In the last week he did a video on Tucker about men, he insulted the Ontario pm and threatened to slap a left winger for calling him fascist. One can only fight the world on so many fronts.

  4. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Peterson differs from Pinker in one interesting point in that he openly and firmly praises the accomplishments and insights of Murray/Herrnstein’s (future classic!) “The Bell Curve”.

  5. Hey RamZ, In discussing sanctuary cities Trump adopted your preferred term for “undocumented immigrants”: “criminal aliens”.

    go to about 21:30:

  6. @EliteCommInc.

    Since your comment is pointlessly vague, I’ll assume that you’re referring to my comment that “whites are the only group following his non-identity advice.”

    If that’s the case, I’d agree with you. Western Europeans and American whites thinking and acting as a people – whether that be generic white or, in Europe, as peoples such as the Germans, Irish, etc. – is something for the history books.

    I never said that we didn’t act as a people in the past, just that we rarely do now and when we do, we are severely punished.

  7. conatus says:

    Great vid and the right question to ask Jordan Peterson but also to ask all our cultural narrators.
    Why can’t we be White in public? Why is white identity the only identity that cannot speak its name?
    Way back when YT was say 80% of the country people would ask The 64,000 Dollar Question which was “Why is there an NAACP and not an NAAWP? (National Association for the Advancement of White People).
    If you asked that then you were labeled you as low class since the media managed to get White advocacy tarred with the odor of being low class. I assume the tacit message was this: as a YT person you are supposed to have so much money that local schools mean nothing since your kid can go to a private school. Additionally, Affirmative Action meant nothing since you as a YT person were independently wealthy and not subject to anything so common as concern about wages.
    So for Whites to advocate for Whites indicates you chase dollar bills thru trailer parks.

    But I also i think part of the media appeal of Jordan Peterson and his many Leftist interviewers is they are trying to get him to answer this question about Identity Politics. They are trying to get him to slip and say something irredeemable. So if he answered your question he would lose part of his appeal. His ratings would go down and he would have to send his kid to public school.(Just kidding, i don’t know anything about his kid or if he even has any).

  8. @conatus

    Good point about the media tarring white identity as low-class Hillbillies. It keeps white women out of the movement.

    Sadly, upper middle-class and wealthy whites don’t seemed to have heard about regression toward the mean. They may be able to buy their way out of the black and brown horde but their grandkids likely won’t.

  9. One point perhaps worth raising (has it already been raised? I don’t know…) – where does JP stand on affirmative action, if he’s so big on personal responsibility? I may be projecting, but I’d have to assume he’s dead against it…

  10. I think he does get it, and acknowledges it here…

    But on the whole, and not unreasonably (times being what they are), he doesn’t exactly shout the truth from the rooftops, and, on the whole, keeps fairly quiet aboot it. People will catch up.

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