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Jeremy Strode - Happiness and Suicide
Acclaimed Sydney chef and restaurant owner Jeremy Strode has died on Monday aged 53. A representative for Merivale confirmed Mr Strode took his own life.
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  1. FKA Max says:

    I recently commented on this topic. Jeremy Strode was based in Sydney and he actually took his own life in July of 2017 not in 2018. Mid-July in the southern hemisphere would seasonally be the equivalent to mid-Februray in the northern hemisphere, the peak suicide season for people with mood disorders:

    Suicide rates peak in the spring time.
    Suicide rates for persons with mood disorders (which many highly creative and intelligent persons like him are affected by) peak in March when Andrew Dodson took his life:

    There are some theories that suggest the mood activation triggered by warmer weather brings about the development of more self-destructive behaviors. There are certain studies that show bipolar disorder worsens during this time of year.

  2. Robin Williams had an postmortem autopsy that showed his brain had extensive Lewey body inclusions which will cause profound dementia along with terrifying auditory and visual hallucinations and delusions. That is why he probably killed himself while he still could.
    So your comments are silly and facile.

    • Replies: @Barnard
  3. “Spring can really hang you up the most.”

  4. Barnard says:
    @Joseph Farnsworth

    I was surprised Paul mentioned Williams as well since the dementia he had was well publicized and cited as the primary reason for his suicide.

  5. conatus says:

    When it comes to suicide and unmet expectations I have always thought Schopenhauer had a lot to say on the matter.
    He seemed to say humans are never ever satisfied materially. You have a desire, you get what you want and after the initial rush you suffer a bring down and then want something else.
    I think the modern term is the ‘Hedonic treadmill.’
    Schopenhauer’s solution was to want less, keep the bar low, drive a used Honda…be happy it runs.

    Regarding suicide I have always thought you could at least temporarily cure suicidal obsessions by taking that particular person, give them a sleeping bag and a tent and say 10 freeze dried meals and drop them off(after a bumpy ride in that used Honda) fifty miles from anywhere. Some call this camping, some call it self inflicted torture but it is back to the basics…no air conditioning, no toilets but most importantly no human status. After five to seven days of that, any suicidal person will be happy with just the basics: heat or air conditioning or dryness. I would bet suicidal impulses would go Poof!

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