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Is Your Food Kosher?
An app from kosher-certified can help you tell. You can get the app from the KosChertified website at -
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    So we need to throw them 2 bucks a piece just to figure out how to avoid being extorted? Classic Finn move.

  2. Giving money to any kosher organization (or nation in the Middle East) is pretty much like sprinkling salt into the ocean.

  3. George says:

    Sticking with Ashkenazi lingo, instead of saying ‘not kosher’ you should say ‘treyf’ so as to seem like you know the lingo. If someone asks how you know that word, always say you used to date a Jewish chick.

    Biblically prohibited dietary rules predate Moses (Exodus) and are first mentioned, I think, in Genesis regarding parts of beef. The beef stuff is probably the first, but maybe the apple stuff happened before the beef stuff.

    Why can’t I find kosher filet mignon?

    So Ramzpaul, instead of screwing around trying to save some fractions of a cent on cornmeal, why not just eat filet mignon, as it is cheaper because religious Jews can’t eat it. Go to town dude, surf and turf, treyf filet mignon with treyf lobster (Jews say lobster is the pork of the sea). Wash it down with the treyf drink of your choice. I think any drink can be rendered treyf if it is first offered to an idol. And don’t forget to have a dairy based desert. Take your time with desert, you have a few hours before the desert does not qualify as mixing meat and milk. The Jews want us (the gentile 1%) to eat well so they leave us the good stuff.

    • Replies: @pB
  4. Tiny Duck says:

    Your grandchildren will not look like you.

    How you like them apples bitch?

    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
  5. George says:

    The LewRockwell type libertarians see Kosher Organizations as a model for nongovernmental regulation of food. So why exactly do I have to pay the USDA & Co. to put their stamps on my food? Couldn’t I just go with Kosher?

    Walter Block: Kosher Industry & Anarchy

  6. Most foods that could be kosher are – meats/jars/canned/boxed have some kosher seal. there are several kosher seals. We in the US are all eating kosher. Don’t want kosher eat pork and shell fish. I believe hallal works the same. So not religous or christian you are eatng and paying to support rabbis who keep you eating kosher.

  7. Mr. Anon says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Your grandchildren will not look like you.

    How you like them apples bitch?

    Whereas, you look like the mailman.

  8. pB says:

    (Jews say lobster is the pork of the sea)

    FUN FACT: lobster used to be considered garbage food and was mostly used to feed slaves.

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