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Is the Notre Dame Cathedral Too Christian?
Many 'experts' are claiming that Notre Dam is 'too Christian' and the new architecture should reflect the new diverse France. Like my videos? Support me at ...
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  1. Maybe, the “experts” should ask the Chinese, a non-Christian people who had enough respect for the sublime craftsmanship and design of the Notre Dame cathedral to make a replica.

    People who took the time and effort to make a reproduction of Notre Dame, trying to prove that they, too, could build one, know a lot more about what it took to create such an intricate masterpiece than intellectual sycophants, copying nothing hard like a technically complex masterpiece.

    It is easy to copy the lock-step multicultural chit-chat of this era’s global-traveler educated classes, proving that they are economic elites by standing in front of European cathedrals to snap I-was-there photos, while letting the best-in-class Gothic cathedral disintegrate over time, shedding pieces of its legendary sculptures and finally burning from the top down.

    It’s not so easy to copy a masterpiece, analyzing every nook and cranny of its interlocking structure.

    Throughout history—excluding the modern era, when nothing but so-called originality is respected by Western artists—people learned to do master-grade artwork by first making copies of great artwork. Now, every freshman art student is encouraged to paint something “original,” even though hardly any of them ever will and even though the few great artists were heavily influenced by their artistic forebears.

    A cathedral is more like a play or a movie—a collaborative art reflecting the zeitgeist of its time, which was hardcore Christianity at the time Notre Dame was constructed.

    The Chinese replica likely represents the past accurately, rather than inserting Buddhist motifs to live up to the fake religion of multiculturalism.

    Contemporary Western intellectuals not only lack the “skills” to build a towering and labyrinthian Gothic cathedral, as they bash the disappearing white middle class for their shortage of “skills,” they also lack respect for their own culture, even the highest achievements of their culture.

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