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Is It Time for President Pence?
Wall funding out of budget. And America to pay Mexico $5 billion. Is it time for President Pence? Like my videos? Support me at ...
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  1. Nixon was hounded with court cases the rest of his days. The same would happen to Trump and his family. Nixon wrote books and appeared on TV just to pay his legal bills. Trump’s family will be ruined if he resigns. They will be ruined if he doesn’t win re-election. What he needs to do is bring back the intellectual wing of his party. That means people like the guy in the video, Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson and so forth. The only way he does that is to shut down the government with no apologies and demand an end to birthright citizenship and everything else. Keep withdrawing from these silly wars. Demand steep cuts in legal immigration with no qualifiers like “merit based.” He needs to throw the biggest tantrum ever.

    The push polls say Republicans will be blamed for a shut down, but so what? What is the alternative? The alternative is losing his base, losing the intellectuals of his party and his family being ruined worse than Nixon. The alternative is no hope for re-election. He’s already been treated worse than Nixon and his punishment will be worse than Nixon’s. He must remain true to his base for his family’s sake, ironically in spite of them, for Ivanka and Jared have done more to pull Trump from his base than anyone.

  2. Hail says: • Website

    This is big.

    Transcripted highlights:

    President Pence. Kinda has a ring to it!

    Yeah, I’m calling for Donald Trump to step down and resign, sort of like Nixon did, and then Pence to become president. President Pence can pardon Trump like Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon. That’ll end the Mueller investigation and it’ll let us go forward.

    Trump had the most loyal followers willing to go to battle for him, but Trump doesn’t fight for us! He’s just not there. He’s not providing leadership.

    He’s just like a Jeb Bush now, or a Rubio. Yeah he can work on corporate tax cuts; yeah, he can defend Israel; yeah, he can appoint Supreme Court nominees like Kavanaugh. That’s all fine, but Pence can do that…without all the baggage.

    I’m willing to go to the mat and fight for Trump, but Trump doesn’t seem willing to fight for us.

    He gets on Twitter and bitches and complains, but he won’t propose a bill for us to fight for. He won’t even veto the spending bill for the Wall. He gives up. He gives in. And so why should we put our livelihoods, our reputations, sometimes people’s physical lives, in jeopardy for a man that won’t take leadership for us?

    I love Trump, and I love what he did, but it’s time for him to step down. It’s time for him to resign for the good of the country. Talk to you guys later.

  3. Hail says: • Website

    The Youtube comment-section is running perhaps three-to-one in favor of Ramzpaul’s unironic call for Trump to resign and hand off the executive to Mike Pence.

    Comment section highlights:

    – – – –
    Highest upvoted as of upload +10 hours:

    Where’s that executive order challenging birthright citizenship?

    Highly upvoted replies:

    It was an idea so you would vote Republican that was never going to be enforced.

    Right behind the EO granting amnesty to the 40M illegals already here!

    – – – –

    Trump’s base really started crumbling after the midterms because his supporters now sense he is not going to get the big things he promised done.

    Upvoted replies:

    He is too busy working on the behalf of “Our Greatest Ally.” Everything he does is to ensure that the Zionist agenda accelerates.

    I keep thinking about my libertarian friends who thought Trump was a shill for Hillary all along.

    – – – –
    A few more notable comments:

    Trump’s bravado is wearing thin but Pence would be a “biz as usual” neo-con

    The Honeymoon is over. Trump sucks. Thanks for the SCOTUS picks, so it was worth it. Other than that, Trump has been a failure and a major disappointment

    So what are you saying, you don’t like the embassy being moved to Jerusalem ? What else do you want?

    Trump did build the wall, unfortunately that wall is in Israel.

    The good news is, the base that supported Trump still exists.

  4. Pence would be worse. He is an insane Christian Zionist who believes in the rapture. Morally, there is nothing wrong with him, but he is a cuck. He would amnesty all the illegals because it’s the Christian thing to do. Also, he wants to fill-up the pews in his churches. He was in favor of the criminal reform act. He is another version of Mike Cuckabee. When Cuckabee was governor of Arkansas, he pardoned a black criminal because the black said he was a born Christian. This born again Christian went to Washington state and murdered 4 policemen. Look up the 2009 Lakewood massacre. He would get us involved even more in Middle East wars and would not hesitate to start a war with Russia, the Gog-Magog enemy.

    I’m furious at Trump because he does nothing on immigration. However, we need to pressure the GOP cucks to start doing something. Now that Sessions, Ryan and a bunch of other RINOs are gone from Congress, let’s see what the GOP does in January.

    The House can bring up whatever charges they want, but they don’t have control of the Senate so their nonsense will go nowhere. Mutt Dumney will try to be the new Juan McLame, so he will need to be constantly attacked.

    We need to start looking for alternatives for 2020.

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