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How Religion Can Protect a People
Happy Good Friday! I am blessed to celebrate Easter in the Christian country of Hungary. Christianity has been a binding force to help protect the people from outside invasions.
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  1. Dan Hayes says:

    Very good and much appreciated. Happy Easter to one and all!

  2. Miro says:

    Dear Ramz

    happy Eastern
    there are yet not found eggs in your Easter morning chase, not all nice surprises.

    Try to decipher what this article details, you may be scratching your head.

    Thank you and all the best

  3. Interesting youtube. Yes, religion is important, but it needs to be subordinated to IQ/race. Eastern Europe knows about the horror of Islam so it was easy for them to close their borders quickly. Also, the Orthodox Church (which is racial/ethnic) is prominent in Eastern Europe. Western Europe and the USA are shackled by the Roman Catholic Church and the Zioevangizers. The RCC is universal and accepts all races as equal. This is the problem. If you accept black/Asian priests-popes, you are the problem. The Zioevangizers are busy spreading their rapture nonsense to black/Asian countries. Zioevangizers believe in the equality of races. I was raised Roman Catholic but left the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes. I am still a Christian. Jesus said we are the temples and how we live is a testament to our beliefs. Low IQ blacks/Asians cannot be helped by religion. Biology first, beliefs second. Islam is a heresy and an evil, degenerate belief system. Cuck pope Frannie needs to make a statement that Islam is a Christian heresy and that modern day Jews are not the chosen and no longer have a covenant with God. But he won’t because he is a degenerate coward. In the USA, RCC cucks are looking to Africa to save the RCC. There is a woman, Ann Barnhardt, who has a trad RCC website and she stated that the African Cardinal Sarah is the best hope to save the RCC. There is a negrophiliac, “ex-homo,” Michael Voris who runs a trad RCC site, Churchmilitant, and is a big Cardinal Sarah fan. Pure degeneracy and madness. The IQ question is number one. Anyone with an IQ of 89 or less can do very little. Blacks/Asians dominate the low IQ end. This is why Asian cultures are inferior to Caucasian/European cultures. In order to save a country, culture, the IQ/race of its people must delineated. I do believe in God because when I die I want answers. On earth, we see through a glass darkly. Christianity is the best religion for everyone. But, in the West its practitioners or supporters must be Caucasian/European. The RCC and Zioevangizers can no longer produce good practitioners or save the West. The Orthodox church is the future.

  4. Why is there a jigaboo strolling by between 1:12 and 1:17?

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  5. Dan Hayes says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Intelligent Dasein:

    Answer: this one exception which proves the rule!

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