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Happy Homelands - Ryan Dawson
Happy Homelands is excited to announce that Ryan Dawson will be our guest on Oct 20 at 1:00 P.M. CST. Ryan is a documentary filmmaker, author and peace ...
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  1. trogs says: • Website

    Why doesn’t Ron Unz have Dawson writing for the site? He’s about as smart as Unz.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  2. Anonymous[301] • Disclaimer says:

    He’s written at least one article here. It was fairly sloppy IMO.

  3. Ryan Dawson has a Japanese wife and offspring. He lives in Japan. Always cherchez la femme/le homme/la famille of a person.
    He’s not paying for Israel wars and he does nothing to help the immigration crisis in the West. He made a comment that Israeli soldiers wear diapers in military situations. If he were to come to the USA, he would wear diapers. He’s a cuck. He needs to display a Japanese flag in the background, not the Confederate or American flags.

    The facts he spewed are facts I know. I have to give him credit for controlling himself, because I sense that he is an insane anti-Semite. He has no dogs in the fights in the Middle East.

    Big picture, he did not talk about what really needs to be done in the Middle East. First, we have to look at the IQ/race issue. The Middle East is a genetic wasteland. The average Middle Eastern Muslim IQ is 81-84. The average Israeli Jewish IQ is 93. Then there are the racial/ethnic/religious factors. Jews/Muslims are not Western. I am glad Israel exists because that’s where all Jews belong. Muslims have the rest of the Middle East. Even though there are “nations” in the Middle East like Egypt, Jordan, etc., they really think of themselves as belong to Dar al-Islam.

    Second, we have to look at who is causing our problems in the Middle East – Christian Zionists, the Catholic Church and gentile Freemasons. We have to tell these 3 groups that Jews are not the chosen, that cuck pope Frannie has to state Islam is a Christian heresy and Jews no longer have a covenant with God, and that the temple will never be rebuilt. Then we have to tell Muslims that Israel is a fact and they must accept its existence. I have to give the Israelis credit for building walls, instituting apartheid policies and defending their borders. We are not doing this on our southern border or in the country.

    As to the Muslims mobs in Europe, Merkel let them in. Marcon let them in. May let them in. Some blame the Jews. No, I blame the Western cucks.

    I do want us out of the Middle East. There will always be wars. Israel will win them because of their higher IQ and their weapons.

    To sum it up, Dawson is a multi-culti cuck who fled the West.

    We need people who will state that the West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim and these groups must be repatriated/segregated in the West.

    The Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union in World War II is one of the most incredible battles. The Finns managed to fight the Soviet Union to a standstill. This is why Finland was able to remain neutral and free after WWII.

    There are not many blacks/Asians/Muslims in Finland. The Finns can easily solve their immigration problems if they act like their WWII soldiers.

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