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Happy Homelands - Frodi Midjord and Zman Part 2
Happy Homelands - Frodi Midjord and Zman Part 2.
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  1. Interesting comments, but big picture, the only way to win is to have a Western nationalist party. We are in a battle for the West, which is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim.

    ZMan mentioned something about whiteness and brought up the example of a Lebanese Christian with a Muslim cousin. The Lebanese Christian can stay, the Muslim goes. If the Lebanese Christian doesn’t like this, then he/she goes. The above four categories make it easy to separate people. American blacks will have to get their own state. We can work out the logistics.

    We have to get rid of dual citizenship. This will take care of the Jews.

    He also mentioned John Derbyshire and Patrick Casey, Western males with Asian wives. Derbyshire’s Chinese family is anti-white. They go to China. If Patrick Casey doesn’t have children, it is best that he divorces his wife. If he has offspring, then his Asian family must state that the West is superior and that they are grateful to be here. Derbyshire’s Chinese family will never say this because Derbyshire himself has written that Asians are superior to whites. They are not.

    Forget about the Roman Catholic Church. It’s gone. I am a Christian but we need a new church for the West.

    2040 is here. 2020 will be Year Zero. Look at what’s happening in France. The Yellow Vests are comprised of the real French not the new French (blacks/Asians/Jews/Musims). They have to start demanding that the new French be deported. They are in a civil war.

    We have to put pressure on GOP cucks. This is our most effective course of action.

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