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Happy Homelands - E. Michael Jones
It is time for another 'big brained' Happy Homelands episode as Dr. E. Michael Jones joins us. Jones is the editor of Culture Wars magazine and an author of ...
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  1. Anonymous[346] • Disclaimer says:

    Damn, E. Michael Jones is way beyond red pill stuff. I think he might’ve blown the mind of some white nationalist types and shattered their illusions. His comments about Jared Taylor working on behalf of Jews to increase racial division which benefits Jews is something none of these WN’s have heard. Great stuff. Deus Lo Vult!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  2. I have to give Mr. Jones credit for not spewing his insane, anti-Semitic nonsense. He managed to give good answers but I will point out how he is a slippery fellow.

    Ramzpaul and the Finnish lady are not Roman Catholic so I understand they cannot understand a person like Jones. I was a cradle Catholic. My family has been RCC for hundreds of years. I went to RCC schools and graduated from a Jesuit university. I left the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes. Jones accepts black/Asian priests-popes. This will be a disaster for the West if the RCC is not stopped.

    Jones knows his history and the RCC, but so do I. He wants the RCC to rule the world. He stated that the RCC is infallible and would be able to administer governments across the world. He is wrong. The RCC is collapsing. It is collapsing because the homo priests and blacks/Asians. Also, the true RCC is a dictatorial government with the clergy as its rulers. If you are a Roman Catholic, you must always submit to the authority of the priest, bishop, pope. This is unacceptable.

    Jones’ true hatred can be seen in his other youtubes. He will rant and rave about the Jews and blame them for everything. He has a strange belief that if there are people who call themselves Jews, this will affect the RCC. This is not true. Jones cannot deal with the reality of biology versus beliefs. Biology is first, beliefs second. Christianity is a belief. Blacks/Asians will never be good Christians because they are second and third in IQ after Caucasians. Jones always tries to evade and obfuscate the race issue. He is correct about white nationalism. I am not a white nationalist. I am a Western nationalist. Next, we have to define what the West is. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. This means that these population groups must be repatriated or segregated. The Jews have a country – Israel. The low IQ quadroon/octoroon Muslim Palestinians can move to Jordan. We need a place for the Jews and this is why I support Israel.

    Also, modern day Jews are not the same Jews of the Old Testament or when Jesus lived. They are a mixed race people and modern day Judaism is a combination of the Talmud, Kabbalah, Zohar. If these people want to practice this odd belief system and call it Judaism they can do this in Israel.

    Jones believes the RCC can save countries like Finland and England. Let’s take a look at France, an RCC country who calls itself the first daughter of the Catholic Church. France is a salope, completely degnerate, with blacks/Muslims/Asians destroying the country. Spain, the RCC country which expelled the Jews/Muslims in 1492, approved gay marriage in 2005!!! The Eastern Europeans – who are a mix of RCC, Orthodox and Protestant – are doing much better on the immigration issue.

    Jones does not deal with the RCC and China. Pope Frannie gave the Chinese Communist party control of the Chinese RCC. This means there is a schism between China and the RCC now. I don’t care what the Chinese do. I am only for the West and want the Chinese in the West to go back to China. The Chinese are destroying RCC churches and putting Muslims in concentration camps. I don’t care what they do as long as they are not in the West.

    He mentions Tanzania. This man is a negrophiliac. There are so few whites in Tanzania so that the racial issue is not pertinent. However, albino negro Tanzanians are killed by the negro Tanzanians, so there is a weird race problem there.

    Jones babbles about Logos. All people are human beings, but they are not equal. Blacks/Asians do not have the ability for Logos that the Caucasians have. This is because of IQ. Jones will never deal with the IQ issue.

    • Replies: @Liza
  3. Anonymous[329] • Disclaimer says:

    E. Micheal Jones come off as hostile to White survival. All he cares about is if someone is his version of Catholic.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  4. Liza says:

    The low IQ quadroon/octoroon Muslim Palestinians can move to Jordan

    What if the Jordanians don’t want them?

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  5. @Anonymous

    Correct. Jones is a Roman Catholic whose first allegiance will always be with Rome and its pope. This is a huge problem. Race will never be an issue for him. As I stated, he accepts black/Asian priests-popes. And he will always blame the Jews for everything, which is wrong. He just posted a youtube where he blamed Jews for the illegal immigration in the USA. Yes, Jews have been a part of it, but the USA RCC has been the biggest cheerleader for the illegals. The illegals are Catholic and the US bishops want them to fill the empty pews in American churches. Poop Frannie works with Soros to import blacks/Asians/Muslims into Europe. Jones will never address these issues.

    Fortunately, many white Catholics in the USA are leaving the RCC and becoming Orthodox Christians. The Orthodox churches are racial and ethnic, there is apostolic succession and there are sacraments. Also, the hierarchy is not as rigid as RCC hierarchy, so they will have more control over the church and not have to deal with homos/non-whites/Jews. By 2020, most RCC churches will be closed. I do want a remnant to stay, i.e., the Latin Mass part of the RCC, because when the RCC properly teaches theology/philosophy in a traditional manner, it provides the best education in the world. The RCC is a very logical, methodical system, but when the beliefs meet up with biology, biology wins. In order for the RCC to work, you need IQ. Blacks/Asians don’t have the necessary IQ for the RCC. The Orthodox Church is also very logical and methodical. The only Protestant sect that could compete with the RCC and Orthodox churches was the Anglo-Catholic Church of C.S. Lewis. Unfortunately, the present day Anglo-Catholic Church is gone.

    Jones will keep on babbling his nonsense, but a former Catholic like me can inform non-Catholics.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @farnesius
  6. @Liza

    Jordan’s Palestinian population is close to 25%. They won’t have a choice.

  7. Anonymous[154] • Disclaimer says:

    The RCC is a very logical, methodical system, but when the beliefs meet up with biology, biology wins.

    Very wise statement! It’s always hard when our beliefs bump up against reality.

  8. farnesius says:

    the USA RCC has been the biggest cheerleader for the illegals. The illegals are Catholic and the US bishops want them to fill the empty pews in American churches.

    It has indeed, and to that end, the Justice for Immigrants campaign was founded by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), which many other Catholic organizations have joined. On January 22, 2003, USCCB, in concert with the Catholic Bishops of Mexico, issued “Strangers No Longer: Together on the Journey of Hope—A Pastoral Letter Concerning Migration”. It called for legalizing undocumented immigrants, and abandoning border enforcement policies, because they’re “inhumane” etc.

    Of particular concern are the border enforcement policies pursued by both governments that have contributed to the abuse and even deaths of migrants in both Mexico and the United States. Along the United States-Mexico border, the U.S. government has launched several border-blockade initiatives in the past decade designed to discourage undocumented migrants from entering the country. These initiatives have been characterized by a tripling of Border Patrol agents, especially at ports of entry, and the use of sophisticated technology such as ground sensors, surveillance cameras, heat-detecting scopes, and reinforced fencing.

    Rather than significantly reducing illegal crossings, the initiatives have instead driven migrants into remote and dangerous areas of the southwest region of the United States, leading to an alarming number of migrant deaths. Since the beginning of 1998, official statistics indicate that more than two thousand migrants have lost their lives trying to cross the United States-Mexico border, many from environmental causes such as heat stroke, dehydration, hypothermia, or drowning. The blockades also have contributed to an increase in migrant smuggling, in which desperate migrants pay high fees to smugglers to get them into the United States. In recent years, smuggling has become a more organized and profitable enterprise.

    Well, if they’re trying to enter the US illegally, they can only blame themselves. Just like with the Africans trying to enter Europe across the Mediterranean that end up drowning.

    But, what is the USCCB’s solution:

    Future Worker Program: A worker program to permit foreign‐born workers to enter the country safely and legally would help reduce illegal immigration and the loss of life in the American desert. Any program should include workplace protections, living wage levels, safeguards against the displacement of U.S. workers, and family unity.

    In other words, let all the Mexicans come to the US legally so there’s no need for illegal immigration anymore.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  9. @farnesius

    The RCC is a homosexual, Freemasonic, multi-culti grand lodge. It must be completely brought down and changed. I’m still a Christian and follow Christian principles. They are the best because they work with biology and natural law. I do not need religion to argue against gay marriage, polygamy, most divorce and most abortion. I am also a Christian because Jesus is a historical figure (yes, He did live), and He has shaped Western history. The West and Christianity are intertwined. We do need a new church for the West and the best one is the Orthodox Church.

    Also, American Roman Catholics, particularly the traditional ones, are becoming deranged. I watch some of the programs on EWTN and follow some trad RCC websites. There is a man, Marcus Grodi, who has a show on EWTN for RCC converts. He stated on a show a couple of months ago that Mexico is an example of a good RCC country!!! Pure degeneracy and madness. There is a woman RCC convert, Ann Barnhardt, who has a website. I listened to a recent podcast and she stated that only white men will be able to save the USA from the illegal gangbangers. The illegal gangbangers are Roman Catholics. The RCC is a universal church of universal brotherhood so she cannot distinguish among the races. There is an evil, mendacious Jesuit, Mitch Pawca, who also has some shows on EWTN. This cuck is always blathering about Nazis and what happened to the Jews in WWII, and other nonsense. The RCC is now fixated on WWII, just like the evil Christian Zionists. They are all worried about the next Hitler. There is another trad RCC website, ChurchMilitant, run by an negrophiliac, ex-homo Michael Voris and his Asian female sidekick. They worship a black cardinal named Sarah and want him to be the next pope. There are a couple of white cuck males, but they worship Sarah and are obsessed with Catholics in Africa and racism. This nonsense must be stopped.

    We need repatriation and segregation. This can be done without being called a racist, Nazi, whatever. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. We need to bring racial balance back to the West.

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