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Happy Homelands - Cultured Thug
Fascism. Both the GOP and Dems are opposed to this concept. And both sides accuse each other of being fascists. But what is fascism? This week we have ...
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  1. Cultured Thug is wrong about fascism. Fascism is a non-starter as a political movement. He strikes me as a government operative. Here is a good article refuting fascism:

    People – you have to get out of the Nazi/fascist/communist WWII mindset. There is nothing of value in the political systems of Bolshevik Russia, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. We have to study these these times and create completely different political systems to save the West. Fascism will never be given a chance because of Nazism. The only reason people are running around extolling the virtues of socialism is because of cucked Westerners. The Jews are a minor issue. Reading Mein Kampf is fine as long as you keep a historical perspective. Hitler helped to develop Germany into an economic and military power because he knew that the Bolshevik Soviet Union was going to invade Germany and the rest of the West. His nationalist economic policies did benefit the Germans, but this was only to last until he attacked the Soviet Union. Hitler was correct about the Soviet Union and he was correct in attacking the Soviets. Pre-WWII nationalism is not the answer to the problems facing the West. WWII was a European affair. We are in completely different times now.

    Today, our problems come from blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslims. The most important things to do are repatriating or segregating these groups. Jews in the West must go to Israel. Muslims must go back to the Middle East. Asians must go back to their countries. Blacks in the USA must be given their own state. Louis Farrakhan just spoke about this. He is correct.

    We need to have a Western nationalism. The economics are not important. IQ and its relation to race are the most important things to discuss. As to spiritual beliefs, we have to have a new church for the West. The Catholic Church and Christian Zionists are destroying the West. The Catholic Church is now on the side of non-whites, homosexuals and Muslims. The Christian Zionists are destroying the USA with their Israel policies. We have to constantly tell them that modern day Jews are not the chosen and that the temple will never be rebuilt.

    CT blathers about collectivism and then blathers that all races in the USA can work together. Pure degeneracy and madness. We need to get the wall built on the southern border. We need to stop importing legal immigrants. Once these things are done we can start to sort out people who will fall on the Western side and those who don’t.

    Biology is first, beliefs are second. CT spoke about materialism and spirituality. I believe in biological materialism and know that spirituality is tied to a person’s biology. We can create safe, clean societies where materialistic concerns will be less important as people are able to enjoy their lives knowing they are free and safe from crime and other problems. This will enable true spiritual growth.

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