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Gillette’s Evangelism
Gillette created a commercial (see link below) which attacks 'toxic masculinity.' Why do corporations now use advertisements to preach morality versus selling a ...
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  1. This commercial was an attack on the Western male – who is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim.

    You mentioned that corporations are pushing the globo-homo agenda. There is more being pushed, and it is also being pushed by the Catholic Church and Christian Zionists. As I have stated before, the RCC is a homosexual, Freemasonic, multi-culti grand lodge. The Christian Zionists are obsessed with converting blacks/Asians. This “evangelism” comes from the left and right. The RCC and Christian Zionists are not fighting against gays and their agenda. Homo priests, bishops and cardinals have taken over the RCC and there is nothing the laity can do, except leave the church. American Evangelicals are pursuing accommodation with LGBT groups. They might not be happy with the male message of the commercial, but they love the multi-culti part of it. We are dealing with problems caused by the left and right in the West. And the number one, most evil belief is universal brotherhood.

    Boycotts do work. Even though you said that these corporations will take financial losses, they can’t do this forever. Look at what happened to the NFL/NBA. The stadiums are empty. Even if the owners use their own money to prop up the leagues, this will not last forever. The RCC has collapsed. The US bishops know the end is near and are busy fleecing the flock while they can. Fortunately, American Catholics are aware of what is going on and are leaving the RCC in droves. Nature abhors a vacuum, so new institutions, companies will arise. Here is an alternative for men:

    As to the censorship these multi-national companies are trying to impose, we need to deal with the GOP cucks. It is now out in the open that it is the GOP who is causing our problems. The cucks in the House and Senate refuse to deal with the internet censorship problem. We have to get rid of more Republicans who stand in our way. Look at what happened to Steve King. The RINO cuck Ted Cruz was one of the first to criticize him. Thank goodness he will never be president. We need to show our support for Steve King. He started the conversation by stating the superiority of Western civilization. We must then define what it is not. It is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. This level of argument will cause the GOP cucks many problems. This is what needs to be done.

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