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Gavin Sues the SPLC
Conservative commentator and Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes is reportedly suing the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for “defaming” him. Like my videos?
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3 Comments to "Gavin Sues the SPLC"
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  1. The degenerate cuck McInnes is finally doing something right. He’s a multi-millionaire so he won’t have a problem with his lawsuit. The SPLC was recently sued by a Muslim and the Muslim won so they are starting to have problems.

    As to Potok’s demographic chart, those numbers are wrong. I remember reading a couple of years ago that the number of white babies born would be overtaken by the births of Hispanic and black babies. It turned out to be wrong. There are still more white babies being born. Pew just had some poll where they stated that there are more Hispanic voters than black voters now. They said that “immigrant voters” would be the new power block. “Immigrant voters” is an oxymoron. Immigrants are not citizens and cannot vote. Also, illegals are counted as part of the true American population, so the numbers on his chart are wrong. I’m glad though that they showed this chart. More proof of who the enemy is. Potok should worry about his miscegenated tribe.

    The good news is 2040 is here and whites are still the majority. The Democratic party is now officially the party of non-whites, non-Christians and sexual degenerates. The Virginia KKK kerfuffle with Northam is the best thing to happen. This will further divide people. The lieutenant governor, a black guy, has been accused of sexual assault. The Democratic party has completely degenerated. The few white men they have are being voted out or kicked out because of some scandal. The Democratic party has no choice but to be a completely leftist, POC party.

    Trump is giving the State of Union speech tonight. We have to wait and see what he will say about the wall. That wall is the most important thing right now. He better build it. This will finally put a stop to the illegals and alleviate our population problems. However, this is just the beginning. Repatriation/segregation are next on the agenda.

  2. Immigrants are not citizens and cannot vote.

    Not true. Once they’re naturalized, they can vote. Yet they’re still immigrants, and will always be.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  3. @Reg Cæsar

    It depends on the immigrant. Let’s take John Derbyshire and his Chinese family. Derbyshire imported himself from England to the USA. He was unmarried. He is now a USA citizen and if he had married a Western American woman, yes, he still is an immigrant, but someone who is acceptable in the USA and who could be naturalized as an American citizen and thought of as American. Any offspring would have been American.

    However, he imported a Chinese woman to be his bride. She is now an “American citizen” and they had 2 “American” offspring. He and his family are naturalized citizen immigrant voters. They are not, though, Americans as how we think of what Americans should be.

    So, Derbyshire and his Chinese family are immigrants and need to be sent to Asia. They are not Americans.

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