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Five Reasons to Avoid a Vasectomy
Should you get a vasectomy? Five reasons to reconsider. Like my videos? Support me on Patreon to get exclusive access to even more videos.
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  1. Tiki says:

    Sterilation doesn’t always work, either. I knew someone who was born after her father had a vasectomy. She was his child, but I’m sure her mother was accused of fooling around and getting pregnant by another man.

    This is another reason why it is the woman’s place to use permanent birth control, instead of the man. (That is, if they both agree on the sterilization, of course.) It saves relationships. If a woman gets pregnant, after she has her tubal ligation, she and others will know that the operation didn’t work and no questions will be asked. However, if she gets pregnant after her man has a vasectomy, her relationship is on the line. Her man will think she got pregnant by somebody else.

  2. WHAT says:

    Citing Napoleon here, never interrupt your adversary when he is making a mistake. Let libshits extinct themselves all they want.

  3. Liza says:

    Vasectomy is bad because sperm is a living substance, containing half the genetic material needed to produce a new human. That substance is not supposed to be backing up into the body for the rest of your life, which is what happens when its normal pathway is interrupted thru vasectomy. Yes, you will be more prone to mental and physical disease when you interrupt normal bodily energy anywhere.

    Now, I like that you stress the stupidity of cutting off functional working useful body parts. Therefore, I would ask you to make a video on the (at least) 40 reasons to avoid having your unconsenting male children (babies) circumcised.

    Jews & circumcision? Stay out of it. Leave them alone. They been at it for 3,700 years or so and they are determined to continue. It is the rest of the male population who need to be kept genitally and mentally normal. Thank you.

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