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FISA Memo Release - What Does It Mean?
The FISA memo details illegal spying conducted by the FBI on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The goal was to stop the candidacy of Donald Trump by falsely connecting him to Russia. https://www.reuters...
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  1. Gordo says:

    Former, surely.

    Not British spy, former British spy.

  2. J1234 says:

    Here’s what David Brooks and Mark Shields thinks it means.

    The most laughable moment: And now we’ll discuss that much anticipated and highly charged memo that was just released, but first (and one presumes, more importantly)…let’s talk about the legacy of fed chairperson Janet Yellen!

  3. George says:

    The funny part, Steele was paid serious money by Hillary. Steele then concocts a story he thinks Hillary & friends want to hear and will believe. Hillary’s fantasy of Donald J Trump’s sex life involves Russian women urinating. She believed and wanted to hear that. Get the joke.

    This is how they get jailhouse informants or other low life to claim somebody was involved in something so they can search that person’s house.

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