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Dr James Watson and Prejudice
Nobel Prize-winning DNA pioneer stripped of titles for insisting IQ depends on race & genes Like my videos? Support me at - ...
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  1. Ramz, this video is a variation on the movie “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” From what you said about Jared Taylor and the black lady, it sounds like if the black lady had a doctor son, her son should meet Taylor’s daughter and be considered a potential mate.

    IQ is related to race. That is a provable, unchangeable fact. Lack of IQ is related to crime and immorality. Again, a provable, unchangeable fact. Most people know this, but are too cowardly to deal with this – for now. Blacks do have their talented 10%, but they are still black. Asians have their talented 10% but they are still Asian. These talented tenthers have to help their own people. We do not need their help in the West. The West (which is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim) has plenty of people to do what needs to be done.

    I’ve known many nice black/Asian individuals. But, I have no interest in dealing with them unless I have to. Fortunately, those times are rare. And, I don’t want them in my family. However, we are importing blacks and Asians into the West and it will get more difficult to avoid them.

    The IQ issue can be a second-tier issue after we first define for what we stand and what we want to save. I am only for the West and its civilization and culture. As we can see from history, the West created and developed an incredible civilization. The ancient Egyptians (Caucasians) were the other great civilization. Blacks/Asians/Jews/Muslim contributed nothing to the West’s development. They were not in the West, but as we look at Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, we can see that while they were cut-off from the West, they did not develop any great civilizations on their own. They contributed nothing to science, literature, the arts, etc. When we look at the IQ of these nations, we notice the one thing they all have in common are IQs of 89 or less. A nation needs an average IQ of 90 to maintain itself.

    Another thing that is important to consider is the physical appearance of these other races. Blacks/Asians are physically unattractive. So, while IQ is in the mind, physical appearance is judged by the human eye. We know physical characteristics are passed on to offspring.

    You are correct that we should not hate these people. We should feel sorry for them because of how they were born. Westerners must be thankful that they are born Caucasian, and especially if they are born with a 90+ IQ. The best course of action is repatriation/segregation of people who do not feel comfortable in the West.

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