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Don Lemon's Rant
Don Lemon went on a racist rant on CNN. He then repeated the Muslim ban myth. Like my videos? Support me at -
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2 Comments to "Don Lemon's Rant"
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  1. What is Don Lemon going to do about the white man he is dating? Lemon is a homo and his most current partner is a guy named Tim Malone. There’s a picture on line of them holding hands. Tim Malone is mighty white. Before Lemon puckers up his face and starts spitting out nonsense about whites, he better take a look at his personal life.

    Sour Lemon is not ignorant or stupid. He’s black and people do not like blacks. But, he’s in a relationship with a white guy. Lemon has serious psychological problems and needs to retire and get treatment.

    • Replies: @Druid
  2. Druid says:

    I quit watching this moron years ago!

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