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Do We Need Slower Bullets?
Lawrence O'Donnell complains that bullets are too fast. Gain exclusive...
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  1. You’ve struck the bamboo stake on the flat end once more ramzpaul!!

    I remember the father of the teenager who OD’ed on ecstasy in the UK in the 1990s, who was suddenly the ubiquitous expert on ecstasy… By the most extraordinary coincidence, his views coincided exactly with those of the government and media! What are the odds?! God works in mysterious ways, I suppose…

    And slower bullets – yes. What is not to like about a gun which fires slower bullets? Think of the safety benefits!

  2. As a practical matter I’d favor slower bullets but only if they can follow the target as he runs and dives about. Also, the bullet should have a recall feature in case the shooter changes his mind, or the gun changes it’s mind.

  3. Where have I heard of slower cartridges being used in war? Oh yeah, Finland vs. the USSR. Gallant Finns were downloading cartridges to create Silent sniping rifles.

  4. Anonym says:

    That was on point. Nice work.

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